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Need feedback on new animation software we're making..

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Need feedback on new animation software we're making..


A small technical and artistic team is attempting to make the creation of computer-generated animation accessible to everyone. Much like PowerPoint can be used by anyone to make a good looking presentation, our animation tool will allow anyone to create good looking 3D animations, tell short stories and more. We won a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation to develop this technology.

We are currently in the early development stage and need consumer feedback on our system. If you have a few minutes to spare, please visit our site, read through the details and most importantly fill out our survey. Your assistance will provide us with much needed data that will help us shape the next phase of development.

Mike Roche
Creative Logic Entertainment

that was one nice animation great!!
I would love to have program that can generate 3d animation
without all that tweaking and stuffs...
well looks great can't wait!!!!

No offence intended but the site is all talk and then when it comes to the "demo" it is a clip of something that was keyframed and you say that the program will be able to do something like that. Unless I'm missing something? Where's the actual demo of the program?

I'm sure animators love the challenge of animating.
Perhaps hobbyists want to choose presets and combos thereof.

Wow, impressive project. Not sure what I really think about it though. It'll probably lead to a lot of formula crap being designed. But then again it may lead to some good work. Like Flash.

Opting for online application only seems a bit strange, but you seem to have your reasons.

What are the minimum requirements for users to be able to take full use of the program? Will your servers be handling all the rendering muscle?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Very interesting. Looks like it will save a ton of time, and if it does, then you have a winner. What operating system and hardware needed to run it? With Vista knocking at the door, you may have some serious work ahead to make it compatible/take advantage of the OS's new offerings. Stand-alone app with ability to download I prefer. Subscription I prefer not.

This product looks interesting, but I have seen many of these features already offered by products like Reallusiion's iClone and Antics2 software. For me to purchase this as a tool for my studio it would come down to low pricing and high content.