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Joe Barbara Dies at 95

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Joe Barbara Dies at 95

Joe Barbara, the man who created such beloved classics as Tom an Jerry and The Flintstones passed away today at the age of 95:

RIP Mr. Barbara!

James :cool:

Amazing the number of beloved, enduring characters that came out of that partnership. R.I.P, Joe.

And already Saturday mornings seem a little less bright.

I put up a nice little tribute to Joe on my blog. I'm sure he would be very pleased with all the adulation he's been getting. :)

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Big, big bummer.

I watched 'toons on the TV like a sick child...and a big chunk of them were Hanna/Barbara. Lots of good, silly, fun stuff.

He'll be missed.


Amazing how many of the old time animators lived into their late eighties or nineties, maybe because they were doing something they loved.

Should be a message to today's youth.

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