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My first 3D animation

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My first 3D animation


Please check out my first short 3D animation made using 3DS Max.
You can watch it at
I hope you like it! :eek:

That defeinetly looks good for your first 3D animation. I especially like how everything has that great glow to it, makes it very etherial and holidayish. Good work. Check out the 3D animation I just did for a Doritos contest.

stitchuk, what a wonderful movie. The snowman has a sweet personality and I like the Tim Burton type moon. Good work !

Thank you for your nice feedback!:D

Nice! Sweet Snow Man, great touch to add that wink! Great choice in background music.This being your first 3D animation, I'm impressed! Now you need to tighten up/clean up the demo---you know, the parts where the sled jumps down from the small ledge to continue its ride and the lettering on the sign.