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Pro-Intact Cartoon Art Festival - deadline December 18th

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Pro-Intact Cartoon Art Festival - deadline December 18th

If you can draw a Ziggy or Dilbert style panel (or even if you're good at stick figures), you should enter the 2006 Pro-Intact Cartoon Art Festival sponsored by TLC Tugger.

On Christmas day I will announce the winner(s). Total volume of prize money depends on the number of bonafide new original entries:

At least 5 entries ==> At least one $50 cash prize
At least 15 entries ==> One $50 and at least one $25 prize
At least 50 entries ==> At least two $50 and two $25 prizes

I reserve the right to award more prize money. Entry is free. 5 submissions maximum per artist, please. I reserve the right to reject entries showing little effort or those promoting hate. Winners may elect to take double the prize value in credit for TLC Tugger merchandise including restoration gear, apparel, bumper stickers, CDs, and ebay auctions.

All entries will be posted on when received and stay up at least until January 1st. Winning entries will be posted on in perpetuity. Artist retains all other ownership and control of his/her submission.

Judging will be by a panel of intact high school teachers. No specific criteria will be published in advance of the judging, other than "entries should make a compelling or humorous statement about genital integrity or human rights."

Submit a .jpg (800 x 600 max) or .pdf (500kb max) file by going to and using the send mail link. To enter on paper by regular mail send a note through the same link for instructions. Entries received by 10pm December 18th will be eligible. DO feel free to post this announcement in artist or intactivist forums and anywhere else you can get away with it.

Good Luck,
-Ron Low
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