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LeechKin's Gallery

Hello everyone... I'm fairly new here. I'm not quite sure what to show first, so forgive me if this is a bit unorganized. This isn't all of my most recent work, I work on and save my work to my laptop. Tell me what you think :)

Thanks Cartuneman :D I'm really excited. I start in June, with some freelance work to hold me over in the next few months.

It's been awhile since I posted here, and I've got a few little things to show.

I've also got a special little something to show. I have a little snippet from the short. It's still a bit rough, but you can get an idea from it

Tell me what you think, I'm eager for feed back.

Something Wonka inspired

...Here's something a little more gooey. It's an idea I've had for awhile that II have explored much yet. I want to do something zombie related, but different. Most people who watch zombie movies regularly tend to be immune to gorey bits. I had the idea that nothing's quite as unsettling as a mob with runnynoses coming after you. Behold the snot zombie. Gooey liquid parasites have taken over this fellow's brain.

Sorry for the bad scan. Here's a sketch of a wooden robot. It's inspired by russian nesting dolls, tribal masks and totem poles. I'm not quite sure if it will be purely robot, or have something piloting it inside like a dalek. Any thoughts?


hope we get to see this short of yours though?

looks really cool


Thanks for the feedback :)

Heathen- I may actually be getting some of my stuff printed on shirts soon. If all goes well, might be able to buy my shirts online in a few monthes.

Here's a few things I've got to show. I'm hoping to get some feed back. I'm currently working on a short animation. It's actually a remake of something I did a few years ago that I intend to improve upon.

Firstly here's a picture of some of the characters. The image is intentionally blurry and faded as it is going to be one of several flashbacks.

What are your thoughts on the character designs, clothing etc. DOes it looks like something form the 1920's to you?

The next one is a test of the main characters colour scheme outside of the flashbacks. The short takes place at night, and I wanted darken his colours appropriately.

I'm going to animate it in Flash, creating the actually pieces in Illustrator. I'm trying to ween myself from animating solely in after effects.

These are a few of the backgrounds I've done for the short.

Tell me what you think.

Back from the dead

Hello everyone, how've you been? I've been rather busy lately. I've moved provinces, and have been working at Fatkat Animation Studios. It's my dream job come true. I've been busy on several new shows, but I have been working on a few of my own things in my spare time.

Here's a few things I'd like feedback on.

I have a few ongoing stories. Most of which I've posted here is from a Restaurant story I've been working on. It's set in a futuristic/alien world where there's a plethora of species.

The actual setting outside of the restaurant is never acknowledged as I'm focusing solely on the strange ecosystem that inhabits the chaotic eating establishment. In a world where everyone's edible there's quite a bit for me to work with.

Another story I've been working on is LillyBone. It's inspired by the more bizarre black and white cartoons. Anything can happen, and since nobody actually dies I've turned the more common moral compass on its' head.

Some random stuff. I haven't drawn as much. I've taken a break to have fun with friends, my wii, and too many mint chocolate tasty things than I can count.

A random frog boy.

This isn't a pregnant demon girl. I wanted to try and create a greek inspired demon god of self indulgence of sorts. It's just a quickie that I intend to colour

Speaking of mint chocolate I decided to make a more personal piece. I'm often called a mischievous imp by my friends. I like to joke around and pull a harmless prank here and there. I also like to stretch myself whether it's learning a new skill, or just learning some new factoid I just like to branch out. Oh, and I like mint chocolate.... so much that it's practically all people give me on holidays or birthdays.


really like the last post there!!! good work. kinda reminds me of death jr.

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Here's some of my latest stuff. Hope you like it :)

Hey all, back again. Here are a few things from a series of garbage pail kids inspired images but with a more rubber b movie monster feel. Nothing too elaborated, just to pass time until I move to miramachi.

all of your stuff is awesome!!
and you have serious digital coloring skills!

i really really like that self indulgence god pic with the colours!
i'd love to see that on the back of a t-shirt! :D

Thanks :) I've been trying to submit the self indulgence pic to deviantart as a print. I have to export it bigger at some point. I'd silk screen it myself if I had a decent set up. I can only do monocolours for now.

Hey Leechkin,

You have a great gallery here, a really strong style and excellent digital colour work.

I really like the flash back, 1920s image, it's very succesful in colouring and style. I could watch a whole animation in that style, I don't mind the blurring at all, it really adds something.

All the best,

Visit my website:

Claire O'

Oh, here's something I forgot. I call it Clockwork Elves: An Eternity Away. I'm afraid I somehow caught my reflection in the picture too..peculiar I know

And at random, as a warning you should always make sure your fruit hasn't gone bad.

I'm glad to hear you don't mind the blurring, it was a bit iffy with some people, though they were looking at it when it was at a 2000x3000 resolution :p

I'm soon going to start animating the non flashback stuff. Hopefully Flash will cooperate with me for the most part. As long as it doesn't give me mysterious sound syncing issues I'll be happy.

Here's a few little things I animated in flash on the side to get warmed up with the program again. You might find them familiar ;)

I might work on an Alien vs Robocop fanimantion in my off time from working on the short ;p

And for fun a few little short animations

Some more sour eye candy. What do you think of my latest stuff?

wow... I think you've illustrated some of my nightmares...

Cool stuff...

Hi. Some very unique ideas you have. The Clockwork Elves especially caught my eye. Look forward to seeing more.

you... are... awesome

i really like that last illustration of the devil coming out of the angel statue.

you have a very interestingly creative and creepy and unique imagination.
i love your illustrations.
i think you should start making t-shirts out of all your illustrations...maybe even on pants too! start a clothing line!! :D

What happens when you watch Charlie and the chocolate factory, Slither, and Dawn of the Dead before going to bed? Weird dreams mixing it all together.

Hey everyone
I've got a bit of good news to go along with this update. I got a job offer from an animation studio. I'm gonna be animating in flash. I'm really excited

Now onto the regular stuff!

The short is slowly coming along. Doing more and more backgrounds everyday. I just hope I can my vocal cords in order to record all the dialogue between too characters. I have to sound like a 20's street urchin and a out-of-practice english speaking monster. Huzzah

More stuff

You have some interesting and unique work. A strange universe indeed. :) Look forward to seeing more.

Thanks for the feedback. Here's a few more things

(sorry about the nudity if anybody's offended. In the story I'm working on you don't see these critters up close normally- for a good reason :p )

I have to agree with bupaje,

strange universe indeed........but cool! have you animated any of these yet?


your characters freak me out haha, nice work though. :D

I have to agree with bupaje,

strange universe indeed........but cool! have you animated any of these yet?


Hi there :) . Thanks for looking. I haven't animated them yet. I'm currently in the process of writing a script of a short animation from the runner's perspective working in this restaurant I've been working on.

your characters freak me out haha, nice work though.

Hehe. That's good. My aim is to create and show characters in this strange other worldish restaurant and treat it like a nature documentary. That is shocking and strange things might happen, but as an outsider I'm not going to interfere. That said, there won't be anything too ghastly shown, as it will always have a cartoonish feel to it.

This isn't what you might think.. this is just a food critic. The Owner on the right takes care of food critics first hand before sending them to the fellow above.

And now to switch gears, here's something completely different.. Here is LillyBone and an assortment of characters that he deals with usually.


and a little something that never got finished... sorry that the size is giganormous.

That sure is unusual work and I mean that in a positive way. I find it hard to grasp abstract concepts without some sort of thread - any ongoing stories there or do you prefer to let people formulate their own theories while looking at it?