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80's cartoon question (dust off memories)

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80's cartoon question (dust off memories)

This was not a favorite cartoon of mine. I have no plans of tracking down any type of episode collection. I don't even have that fond of memories of it. But it bothers the hell out of me that I can't remember the name to maybe see the intro again.

Quick Description. It was on in the 80's. I think it aired right before or after Dungeons and Dragons. It started with a type of garage band playing and the entire thing was live action (filmed with real actors). Then, I think, someone removed a sheet from a tall mirror and they all get sucked in. The intro switches from Live Action to Animation. I think at one point they are all floating in a bubble and one of them actually acknowledges that they are in a cartoon.

If anyone remembers this I will be greatly appreciative. I've been racking my brain trying to remember.



I remember it.

That would be Kidd Video.

It was an MTV like show that showed music videos.

Kidd Video

Also visit Kidd Video Flipside, a fansite for the series... and here's that opening sequence you described...

Kidd Video Opening Sequence

Got another show you're not sure on? :D

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