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Any good books for animation drawing

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Any good books for animation drawing

does anyone know good books on cartoon/animation drawings like i m looking for books which are more focused on actual drawing skills and less ready and where i can learn to draw cartoon character's movements like running, laughing, falling etc

if any of these books are available on please provide me a link or any of these books avaliable in local bookstore(Surrey, delta)

This one is a standard book:

Personally, I think it goes well with this one:

As for general drawing skills, there are countless art books on anatomy and a lot of material on the net as well, like this site:

As far as drawing is concerned, most will tell you that life is the best teacher. Observation is a skill all artists, animation and otherwise, should develop.

You can't go wrong with Preston Blair. And many of the Christopher Hart books offer good basic cartoon drawing instruction

Keep in mind that there these books very in the amount of example and work projects they have. If you are looking for a quick reference book vs "The Animation Survival Kit"...sorry brain turning to gu. Look through as many books as you can before paying for one.

...there's always The Running Laughing Falling Book, by Jean Pégan...I've whiled away many an evening leafing through this entertaining book (although it's not so much an animation help book as a ribald tale of of the author's formative years wandering the London streets with a monkey on a string.)

True enough, Wontobe. Personally, I don't see Survival Kit as a book of drawing instruction; it's a book on animation technique. B24 said he was looking for books focusing on drawing technique, which is why I recommended the ones I did.

yes i m looking for books which are focused on how to draw cartoon character running, his/her walking movement, charcter's facial expresions etc also book should be easy to follow(step by step procedures)

and thanx for those links i'll try to check those books