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What's the best computer for 3D?

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What's the best computer for 3D?

Hello all,
I know there's alot of options out there as far as different brands and hardware, operating systems to use for 3d software. I am curious what is recommended. For instance, if using Maya or 3d studio max, I already know basic specs like you need at least a 1GB Ram....but what about operating systems? Is Linux any better than windows or vice versa? I would just like to get the best options, my goal is to have a computer capable of the full effects of rendering and animation...using not only 3d software but photoshop, illustrator, after effects, etc. Are there any brands or systems I should NOT get at all? Please help! I'd like to purchase or build a computer soon so I can start practicing my skills, so I dont want to make a purchasing mistake. And thank you all for your time and advice!


Depends on your software choices. I'd suggest going to, selecting the forum of the software you plan on using and doing some hardware searches. THere's also a thread there called hardware for general information...