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Questions about Canadian animation programs

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Questions about Canadian animation programs

Hi, i'm new to the forum, and a have some questions. I recently graduated from University with a BFA in studio art, and i'm looking to pursue a career in animation. I've been looking into schools and spoken with some admission reps, but i was looking for insight into programs from other sources. the list of schools whose programs I liked are as follows:

Sheridan (obviously)
Van Arts

Now, i'm looking to do both classical and digital animation programs. Sheridan's reputation is definately up there, however I don't know if the training i recieve will offset the time/money spent to get another bachelors degree. Algonquin and Seneca's programs look enticing, however, again, 3 years is a lot of time, plus i don't know the reputation of their programs. At VFS and VanArts, i could take their 2 separate programs, one digital and one classical, and in less time, but again, i don't know how good of a reputation they have. If anyone can help me gain some perspective on all of these programs, or has any insight on any other canadian programs that I haven't mentioned, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Capilano College

You could check out Capilano, a public college in North Vancouver with a 2 year program in classical animation and animation design that ladders into a one year Digital Animation program in 3D animation. It's a strong program and the local studios (Studio B, Bardel, Atomic Cartoons) are filled with Capilano grads. It's small but the teachers are from the industry and there's a great atmosphere. To see the work of ALL the grads from the last 3 years go to If you' re Canadian it is also affordable (subsidized tuition) and there are scholarships provided by local studios (proof positive of the level of industry support)