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"Happy Feet" - Intended audience?

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"Happy Feet" - Intended audience?

(some spoilers)

Who, exactly, is this movie for?

Judging by the crying 4 year old that left with her entire family, it's not for the pre-K set. Even my son, a jaded 9 year old, said when there was a lull in the chase scenes - "whew, that's better."

Judging by the commercials, I thought it was for the kindergarten set, even younger. Actually, it's so uneven in action, characters, and story, I don't know WHO this movie is for.

If nothing else, the movie is for FX lovers and CG artists. That was was beautifully done. There are some really stunning scenes, especially underwater and on top of glaciers. The wind and water FX stole the show.

So a thumb up for beauty, a thumb down for the poor kid who will wake up for the next week dreaming of Leopard seals.

Who knows what they thought their market was? The previews look great but like most new animation, I'll have to wait until it's broadcast to my friends satelite subscription. Can't afford to go see it or pay for a DVD.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting and deep cartoon about Happiness, suitable for adults.

Yes, I agree. The message

Yes, I agree. The message there is very philosophical!