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Funding for new film.

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Funding for new film.

Hi! I'm a 2d animator who has recently left university. I've just finished work on a music video but am now thinking of making a new film, with a new style, with my own story. How do you apply/qualify for funding? anyone had any experience of this?

come up with a concept, script, concept art, get an agent and shop it around to studios.

yeah, I have been in contact with a couple, does anyone know of any good animation agents in London?

As an alternative to an agent (I have yet to meet one I could recommend) you might want to consider the pitch route:
cartoonfilm takes place in Babelsberg, Germany each year. It's a European pitch session of great quality, with a focus on co-producing partnerships.
There's also a pitch session at the fmx in Stuttgart that you can apply to, and a project pitch at Annecy. These are great as a creative for getting contacts to producers, but you should be aware that they are signing oriented ventures. ie. an interested producer might pick-up a concept.

are there any pitch opportunities like this in India or Asia?

plenty of pitch opportunities but pointless - broadcasters here dont commission shows in the Western way.

you could pitch films to studios but that is more about who you know and can meet with.

animation circle in india is an old wild west town

animation circle in india is an old wild west town

Hehe, then there's got to be an exciting saloon!

Thanks for the feedback. I've been looking with great interest towards India...

its exciting but lawless.

has more whores than cowboys if you get my drift.

My state government offers grants to digital media practitioners as they are really pushing its growth here. You have to be a citizen of course, but it might be worth contacting your own local gov to see what they are doing to help develop business networks in the digital media field (games, animation etc.).

As a recent graduate, you might find this a more plausible route.

Good luck.