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hi, i'm currently enrolled at the art institute minneapolis for Media Arts and Animation and i have an assignment for one of my classes to research an industry profession that i'm interested in. part of it is to interview a professional, and i'm a big fan of 2d animation, so i picked the practicality of inbetweener, because you almost have to start there to become an animator. it pretty much just has to be someone with any inbetweening experience though, so if someone here could help me out and answer a few questions i'd appreciate it a lot.

could give me an idea of what you've worked on up to date and where you work (city and/or state).

I've read some pretty detailed explanations on how the 2D process works but can you elaborate on what an inbetweener position is like? Does it get boring or do you stay pretty entertained with your work? Who do you turn to when you're stuck on a problem? What's the hardest thing for an inexperienced inbetweener to get a grasp on (as far as making the movements fluid)? How much do you have to do to "prove" you can move up to something a little more advanced?

do you have any advice for someone just getting started, stuff you wish you knew when you were just starting? any tips on building your networking or getting your stuff out there (i.e. specific forums, groups, contests, etc)?

thanks for your time.

As an introduction , these articles might help you with the project you're doing on the role of the inbetweener in animation production:

10 Steps to a Perfect Inbetween:


more notes:

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