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lct tablets - anyone else a user?

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lct tablets - anyone else a user?

I have a beat up old 15 x lcd tablet that i bought four years back as i began to learn storyboarding and it was the best purchase i ever made. Since then i have tried to convert a few peeps ive worked with, but to no avail. everyone loves the pencil and paper approach.

anyone else out there draw and paint almost exclusively in photoshop now with a tablet? lcd or not.

EDIT: sry im a newb. i think should have posted this under animators desktop. please move me. Sorry! :P

this may not be the kind of answer you were expecting, but I'm think of getting a tablet PC, I'm also one for pencil and paper but there are some things that I think it would be really useful for. I love doing things the traditional way but I also love what I can do in photoshop to a drawn image, or whatever.

you may know what to recommend for someone completely new to Lcd tablets...let me know if you do :) :confused:

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If you go the Daily Sketch section, i just started posting my art and it was all done on an LCD tablet in photoshop. I cant say enough how much it helped me grow as an artist... i still have a way to go, but being able to erase with no marks, save versions, experament without risk, paint without mess, etc... was so liberating. I havent plunked down the cash for one of the fancy new models which i have been drooling over - i work on a beat up old 15x version of the Wacom Cintiq lcd tablet line. I think theyve had several versions come out since then. I dunno who else even makes these things... although there are tons of tablet pcs out now. not sure how accurate the pen technology is tho. Mine actually doesnt have the best pen accuratcy and there is a parralax as the clear shield is a few mm from the screen, so it takes some time getting used to it. The new tablets seem like theyve eliminated this prob tho. I cant wait to get my hands on one, but they are kinda pricey... more than 2 grand :(

the main reason i went to tablet was it workds great for sketching storyboards which are then even easier to clean up b/c u can just trace over a new layer... and the best part is you can do in between frames for shots without redrawing backgrounds, etc... just think about it... LAYERS.

it easily paid for itself just by not having to scan images ever again...

all i know of is the wacom cintiq line. if anyone else knows of other lcd tablets that are as good, better or even cheaper please let me know. I dont know how much longer my clunky 15x is gonna hold out.