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Pls help me to choose best 3D animation school

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Pls help me to choose best 3D animation school


I'm Babai from Kolkata. I'm new here in this site. I heard about this great forum from one of my intimate friend. Right now I need good suggestion from experienced Gurus.
Animation has been attacking me from my childhood. So I did Diploma in Fine Arts. I’ve strong idea in making character concepts, sketching etc. I've learn Adobe Flash, Photoshop, 3ds Studio Max myself(By using Help option, Tutorials. I mean without taking help from any institute. professional).But I don't have advance knowledge in these above softwares.
Right now I'm working in a small animation company here at Kolkata. Most of my friends (They did courses from Institute) are well established in this industry. I took chance 2 times in Toonz Webel Academy, Kolkata.But those times I had some private problems. But right now I don't have any problem or else.
Recently I've visited some 3D animation institutes in kolkata such as Digital Asia School of Animation, RTG Animates etc. But I'm little confused. So could you pls help to find a good institute where I can learn 3D ANIMATION?

I'll be grateful if you help me:)Also If I wrote anything wrong, forgives me:)