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team galaxy !!!

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team galaxy !!!

A new animated series has just been launched, I find it kind of funny. What do you think guys? If you like it to then we could just meet on the chat of their website:
Well, see you there maybe...:D

Sounds like you are just trying to generate traffic for your web site. As for the animation of the show, there is nothing new there... It is the basic style used in a number of other animation series.

Yeah, I remember galaxyhigh bringing the show up as a novelty some time ago. From the looks of the website I'd say solid and colourful anime-esque artwork and rather bland-sounding characters and premise. Something for the kids that you hide in an afternoon line-up, securely wedged between Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z. Not for me, but hey, target audiences' demographics are never wrong, are they?

team galaxy !!!

Who loves Team Galaxy ?? I love it personally, I watch it every saturday on Cartoon network, and the website is cool also. I chat with friends there. It's See you there maybe, if you are a teamgalaxy fan...

It's anime right?
I didn't see it but website is really cool I agree :).
Well if I can I see it. :))

Keep clear!