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Can someone please help?

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Can someone please help?

hi, i need help on my media studies research task.
Can someone please help, and answer some of my questions?

[*]To make TV series like Avatar, the last air-bender, and The Simpson's, what software and hardware do producers use?
[*]How do you put a series on television, how do u find a distributor?
[*]if you enter an animation festival, how would it be discovered, any specific festivals?
[*]Can you basically describe to me the lip syncing procedure?
[*]Can you describe me a basic team, like director, writer, cast...?
[*]how long does it generally take to make an episode of...
[*]the Simpson's?
[*]shows on Cartoon Network?

Thanks, if there is anymore information could you please tell me it as i seem to have misplaced the other half of the essay plan.