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mh i try again

frames for school, for a 30 sec short about trash, im gonna make the second one :p just kids that make tomuch trash at the playground and when school is over they cant go out of school bcause all the dirt is blocking the door

little update

uhm, did this for school, try to make a 3d background of a school s playground for a 2d animation. did my best :p.

ow, long time i've been here,
mh latest sketches from sketchbook

Looks interesting, I think that if you add some lines on the ground like in school yars of all the types of games that kids play and also add a window on the left wall to break up that brick texture would help it some.
What program r you using to build this?
I look forward to seeing the animation when it's done.:D

uhm, i wait 2 weeks and then instead of uploading my storyboard, i just upload my short :p, thats easier, here some random sketches that has nothing to do with anything

my favorite is the gguy with the sword.

nice work keepem coming


well, drawded in the bus, just try to go more cartoony kind of thing

thx, that was actualy myself dreaming of being a knight mmmhhh *maybe someday*

here some 3d from today

well its finally finished, my 30 sec short for school, we had to make a point to kids , that they must trow there trash in the strashcan. so here it is

it keeps funny ^^

great voice talents though ;) :D

hey, you're right. that will make it more like a playground :).
if they choose this one i will make the ground better. it is done in lightwave. tommorrow i will post the storyboard :) still making them at the moment :).

hello, its been some time that i did a movie or animated VS photoshop :p
so this is what i was thinking about

rofl Benny ^^

Like I told you in class, very nice

wel, im busy woth my last 30 sec short of this schoolyear, here some drawnings from these week,

here another one, sorry for the big sizes, forgot to shrink it

thx tom :p indeed great voices

here a drawning were im busy with

:D yes, a classmate

Allright, 2 Animation of MDA in Genk is taking over awn ;)

well i see that my lipsync isnt here, so here is it on youtube,
also you can check my other vids there, mh i just finished my exames i drawded more but didnt uploaded it here . this i did today

very busy lateley buts im putting the last hands to my 30 sec short for school, i will upload it probably monday :)

well still flat colored but im a bit too tired :)

happy newyear

well thx,

its almost a new year, so here my last post for this year
a happy 2007 everyone

well, dit this for a contest by fortis :p
it isnt that good but hey i was tired :p

i dont know if you can see this but this if for my animation first seconds, keyframes

where did I see that before ;)

more drawnings

and more

well, i dont know :p maybe i already showed you :p (of zoiets int engels )

so, exames are done, back to the same old same old.
a new year, a fresh start, just got to be on track again,... so if the next few doesnt seem allright ,i blame the exames

hey melonsmasher!
really like that drawing of the naked girl listening to her headphones!
has a lot of movement/personality for a drawing!!
nice work!!!

I really like the fluedity (vloeiheid :P) of the ladies

keep it going benny

if i have more time, i will upload some drawnings for that cartoon , here is a peace of the 30 sec short,

Click here to watch turning-14

soon there will be some character sheets, but im very busy at the moment,
here a quicky for hitfm, if they dont like it, i cant do much, they never answer me

i do my best

hummmmmm? your pic was pulled?

the other work looks like a lot of fun!

Happy Holidays

uhm, today sketch

an old drawing, but still laughing if i see em, its me in knight style

well thx :) i thank the music i was listening :D

well, some other i drawded today
this is for a excercice in animation

this was for fun (its king albert of belgium)

this was for fun, but the face didnt work out, its from this photo

was bored studying so i tried drawning, its first didnt work out, but a few pages further i manage to take this out of my hands

hope that worked

here are some of this week

others on this site

todays drawning

wel here is a drawning a did about an half hour ago while beeing bored :p
its a girl laying in a tree


Nice work man! I would propose you make your outlines heavier, thicker, it would suit your style! For instance the Jack sparrow, and the girl to HIS far right!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

yap can be helpfull :) here is the one above colored with pantones

nice work man keep posting


thx :)
here's one i did today
just a tree :p i was kind of lame :p

today i looked a few more episodes of drawn together and in class i've seen the lion king, so i put those two together :p