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Money issues

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Money issues

Hi I'm thinking of doing a degree over at SCAD, but I need to get an estimate of costs I will have to spend, as a international student.

I figured out the main costs should include:

1. Tuition
2. Housing
3. Transport
4. Food
5. Books/materials

Can someone give me an estimate of how much I should expect to pay (per quarter), other than tuition (I can figure that out myself). If I wish to scrimp and save as much money as possible, what can I do? Can anyone recommend how to find cheap housing/food etc etc? Did I miss anything out?

I originally wanted to study over at California, but somebody told me that living in California is extremely expensive. Is that true? How are living costs Atlanta, where SCAD is located? Can anyone recommend schools in other cheaper states?

Here's the link to financial things for SCAD's Atlanta Campus...

While the Main Campus is in Savannah, Georgia, they just opened the Atlanta campus a little while ago, and lucky for us, offers an extension of the animation program there.

As far as I understand, Southern California is going to much more expensive than Atlanta. However, there are many more animation companies in California compared to Atlanta (even though Atlanta is a media hub). According to this website....

People who make art a career tend to be paid an average of 35,550 US dollars a year in Atlanta. For Southern California, the Average for similar fields is around 50,000 US dollars a year. From that, I think it's safe to assume that California is going to be considerably more expensive than Atlanta, because the payrate is much higher.


Oh yeah. Sheridan is probably going to be the cheapest quality animation school around, but it's in Canada, not the US.

If you dont mind I have one related question.

If I have a option of choosing between Savannah and Atlanta campus, which is cheaper financially in terms of accomodation and food. Also if one wants to do internship which is better?