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We have three traditional animation desks with light disks for sale. They are constructed of heavy-duty pressed wood and have four adjustable shelves. Each desk is valued at $3000, but we'll gladly accept $850 or Best Offer with special consideration for purchase of two or more, etc. (really, we wanna move these things!) They are available for pick up in Hollywood.

Please note that the light disks are not shown in the photo, but *do* come with the desks and are fully functional. Contact us directly for more photos.


Are these still available?

yep, they are!

Another desk down...

...but there are still 2 more desks available. Best Offers considered!

Are these still available? I'm definitely interested.

Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.

Do you have a better lit picture by any chance? It's hard to see clearly since most of the desk is in shadow.

the Ape

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yes, i do!

unfortunately, all the photos were taken in our dark hallway... but this might be a little clearer

Want to purchase animation desk immediatley!

I would like to purchase one of your desks immedialtley and what kind of discount could I get for buying 2? I'll offer $1000 for one or possibly more no matter the condition it's in. Where can get in touch with you. I live in the area and can pick it up anytime. Thank you.

Hi - I tried to reply via email, but if you didn't get it... we could sell one for $1000, 2 for $850 each or 3 for $750 each. If you want to chat more, email me via this forum. As of right now, they're still available -- thanks for your interest!

Max -Want to purchase desk reply

I haven't recieved your email yet so I have sent you a private message with my contact info throught this forum site. I would like to meet this Thursday or Friday for the purchase of a desk. Since I live nearby I could be there anytime thats good for you. Thank you.

1 desk down, 3 more available!

Yep, we actually had FOUR desks, but one has gone to Max (hopefully he'll give us a recommendation if you ask how it went.) Get 'em while they're hot, and if you get a friend to buy one, too, consider the price dropped!