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I'm back

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I'm back

Hey folks,

I have not been around here for a while as I've been busy working on my own project - which I'm now going to shamelessly plug.

Since most of you don't know me from Adam, here's a quick overview. I started in comics in the early 70's with the Captain Canuck crowd and quickly gravitated to animation [far more work and more fun]. I've worked on just about everything from TV spots to Hanna-Barbera saturday morning stuff to Rock n Rule - Nelvana's animated feature [I did pretty close to 50% of the layout work]. While at Nelvana, I had the honour of working with Frank and Ollie [2 of Disney’s wise old men] and Industrial Light and Magic who we were using for our special effects – which were totally optical at the time. That got me sidelined into computers, but I’m happy to say I’m back.

I grew up on undergrounds – Fabulous Furry Freak Bros., Harold Head, Fritz the Cat, etc. – so when it came to doing my own project I naturally gravitated to the politically incorrect. During my Captain Canuck days I created a character by the name of Captain Cannabis and figure that’s about as politically incorrect as you can get.

A few years ago I stopped doing everything else but work on a feature length screenplay for my Captain Cannabis character. I then spent the past year working up the artwork – and this is where it may get interesting for your struggling animators out there.

Funding a project is a pain in the butt. Since I have experience in comic books, animation, computers and marketing I decided to try and put the project together in a way that utilizes the best of them all, and boot-strap the project in the process. I’m doing the artwork [storyboards then layouts] using the same techniques we used at Nelvana on Rock n Rule but with a twist. I’ve chopped the screenplay into 13 instalments. I’m giving the layouts a comic style ink treatment and posting them as a series of “webisodes” at and Once I finish all sequences for an instalment, I give them a colour treatment and publish them in a Heavy Metal-type comic book. Once all instalments are done, so will all the layouts for the film.

This process is not without it’s downsides, but I’m happy to say it’s working out better than expected. I’m just in the process of publishing the first book [which I hope you’ll buy so I can do another one]. I’d like to invite everyone to drop by one of the sites and check it out for yourselves.

Cheers - Verne

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