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Modern Adaptation of Shakespeare using Flash

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Modern Adaptation of Shakespeare using Flash

I'd love to hear what people think of this:

Good...bad...all feedback helps! I'm just as interested in your thoughts about using this format as an educational tool as I am about your thoughts on the actual animation itself.

Looks great - want to hear it

It looks great: the characters and scenic design, but I encourage you to go the extra mile and record the VO sound track. (and make it run continuously--spare your audience the carpel tunnel from the clicking and eyestrain from the reading.) There's too much good work there to leave it in its current clicky-ready form (I just started clicking ahead to see what happened). Good job overall.

Ted Nunes -

Thanks Ted!

I agree...and we're working on getting that approved to do just that if they go ahead with another one.

Thanks Laurence!

I'm really hoping that they see enough interest on this piece to warrent funding for additional plays to be animated. As much as i love the entertainment value behind any good animation, from a business perspective I also love the fact that more and more of my clients are seeing the value in using it for educational and promotional purposes too. :)

What I've seen of it I enjoy, but yeah the having the click to progress stuff is just not going to work.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Hi. I like the look very much but I struggled with the interface -may be my ADD but I thought when I pressed 'Play' it would all go. Then I started clicking on the scene buttons but all I got was page one of each and only then I saw the arrow. It may be helpful for others like me to either make the '?' button a Help button (how to view this video) and an 'I' button the info button on the scene, or when the first scene started if the arrow blinked the first time then I would have gotten it.

Anyway looks awesome.

I have to ask why you went this route, like the Paris Airport thing...why?

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Hmmm. I didn't enjoy all of the clicking. And why do people looking up the Stratford festival need a tutorial on Shakespeare? Doesn't that preach to the converted? I don't understand the goal here nor the target audience.

The animation does look nice, though.

Ed Womack Get Milked

Thanks for the feedback all...

bupaje your suggestion is making it into the plans for the next round :)

phacker you'll be happy to know the "click" issue should be a thing of the past on one of the next productions.

ewomack the Stratford Festival also produces educational curriculum for schools to use when teaching Shakespeare. That information is currently pretty dry and hasn't kept pace with technology. The idea being that there are ways to take what, to many students, might be considered a boring subject with no relationship to themselves at all and give it some current relevancy. In this case the target audience was pretty loosely defined by them - they gave a very broad age range that ran all the way from junior high school to first year college.

I devote almost all my free

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