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Hey, im new to this forum and i jsut browsed fairly quickly and the work and community is great so i signed up and go to making this post.

To keep it short and sweet in hope i dont bore anyone with a short attention span heh, Im interested in getting more involved with 3d modeling and animation, what would you suggest is the best program to start using for someone who doesnt know to much about 3d models and the animation movement such?

I understand the process but its just generally learning to use a certain program i have trouble with, but im really dedicated to learning this because i have so many ideas and an imagination that seriously needs to be let loose.


choose the program that is used most in your desired field. Either max or maya for games. either softimage or maya for film. If you don't care about whether or not you learn a package to facilitate your arrival into the industry, i would suggest softimage xsi or maya.