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Animatics for a short film. Feedback appreciated!

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Animatics for a short film. Feedback appreciated!

I'm a senior at Columbia College and this is my short film that's currently getting finished. Essentially it's an alien that meets a litte bird.

The clips are all out of sequence, but I'm more concerned about people's interpretations of the animation...


i like the movement.
Very fluid.

the third clip bothers me the most though.
It seemed a little out of place.
(my thoughts at first: what is that?)
I (me) would change the angle...or start the clip where it's at 3/4 view.

(or...maybe it looks better with the clips before and after added)

but anyway...nice fluid animation.
good job :D

The animation looks quite good but I really need to see it run splice togehter even with storyboards in the reel to get a sense of the scene transitions.
Not really an animatic is it, friend? More a series of penicl tests, right?

I think each piece is done well, looking forward to seeing more!

it's true, these can be quite confusing without any kind of story guidance. It's my nature to nitpick my own animation so much the story falls by the wayside. Thanks for the feedback; I'll consider posting the storyboards to get a little input on the film as a whole.