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I was studying for one year(2004-05) in National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and had got into aniamtion film design 2nd year (3rd semester)....
Now I have dropped out in my second year and have joined Sheridan College, oakville, Toronto, Canada .....for a 1 year certificate course called Art Fundamentals....and will simultaneuosly be applying for a 4 yr degree course in animation.....there....for which I will have to submitt a portfolio and face an interview....
I just wanted to ask that whether I did the write thing in completing my graduation in total 6 years instead of in total 4years and taking such a big risk.....have already got my permanent resident card....for canada.....plz help

Don't worry you've just burnt your car

Don't worry you just burnt your car. :eek: Maybe you get a rolls royce. :rolleyes:

Never look back at the steps you took. That is for posterity to examine. Go ahead and enjoy your stint at Sheridan, that's all that matters right now! I still have not told my story! - Vineet Raj Kapoor