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anyone wanna answer a questionaire? plz!

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anyone wanna answer a questionaire? plz!

The following questionair is not a survey and is solely intended to prove the existence of workers inside this field to my case manager and social services. Any information obtained will be disguarded after my review. I have 5/5 employer responses but only 3/5 employee. If I can complete this task they'll pay for my game dev./animation course. I thank anyone who takes the time to fill it out, no last names or phone numbers are required but I do need an email address for the unlikely case that they decide to varify the validity of my contacts made. Thanks again!

email responses to

name, phone #(if possible) and/or Email Address, Company worked for and position

1. why animation?
2. what skills and traits needed?
3. what do you like about the job?
4. what dont you like about the job?
5. education training etc.?
6. how long have you been in the industry?
7. what is the career path/is there advancement?
8. how is new technology changing your job?
9. how the outlook for employment look?
10. can you give me another contact?

Thanks for your time