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Ive never posted any work here before, so thought I would. crits/comments welcome!



Black spot: Thank you! Much appreciated. Glad u like my thread - some of it is WAYYY old though haha

Chairman: Thank you mate! I used brown Col Erase pencils, brown conte, red, black and white watercolour pencil (without the water) and erm.... eraser! Im glad you saomething other than just a portrait and found some kind of feeling in there. I wasnt really thinking of that at the time but its something I wanna start doing - looking for something deeper in the models pose or expression. Cheers dude!

Doubt: The left wrist WAS painful. She had to keep moving it off that chair and shake it out. WHich was annoying for everyone drawing her hands, but understandable. Thanks mate!

Got a digi study today - It was inspired by the art of John Singer Sergent - was trying to understand how he painted somewhat.

yaaarrrg he's got his Crazy Face on...wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley! ;)

Another digi sketch i did a coupla days ago, yo. haha

The crazy is clearly in the moustache. Good mood piece.

Wow Ken you are so prolific and talented. I love your digital colouring and character designs, I can see Bobby Chiu's influence on your latest posts. Great stuff, I look forward to seeing more.


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Claire O'

It's the face of the mad billionaire recluse, who's about to dispatch our heroes on a doomed quest (which, of course, they will ultimately complete, despite the cave of vampires and the one-eyed stone troll that guards the sacred idol)...

Wow thanks claire! means a lot. :D Yeh i do like Bobby Chius style! Most of it. His painting style is nice, and he draws some great characters.

Hey, your a fellow brit!

jabberwocky: prove it? erm.... gimme 6 months

blackspot: yeh, he had a great face to draw!

chairman: cheers mate! im glad the new ones capture something too. Oh yeh I do, I like to vary my style and experiment. Its important for me to do both sides of the coin, to be able to capture something realistically and exaggerate something. Cheers mate!

FroZen: thanks for the kind words mate!

Not much new stuff to show but I have to post something before my thread shrivels up and dies so, heres some observational stuff from sketch club. I meet a bunch of people on sundays and we go drawing in the local bookshop

Whoa, you're good dude! :D

sweet lighting on the last one!

Cheers Ken!
I just read on your website you did cleanup & inbetween on The Illusionist. Some people I know worked on it but they didn't tell very nice stories about it. Is it true Chomet ceased to actively work on the project to concentrate on something new?

Hey dude, I am still currently working on "The Illusionist". As far as Im aware Chomet is still very active on the film, although Im not privy to all the inside info! I work in a completely different studio, so I have no idea. All I do know is, the film is looking awesome - so dont miss it when it comes out!


hello hello - some more digi paints. The second one is concept art for my film. Better late than never! haha

Just some life drawing I did this week. Trying to be more experimental

wow that is some seriously lovely work you have here!

rach: Indeed he does! and dark alleys are his favourite hive after dark mwuhuhuhuhuhu!

Jabberwocky: His moustache is modelled on my own! hahaha. cheers

Goofygraffix: oh yes! what a great back story

Animationfreak: wow thanks!

doubt: cheers! I stole it from sargent haha

I got more life drawing today and a wee bit of observational drawing. Nothin exciting tho

Thanks for checking in on my thread. I decided to give yours a look-see today and am glad I did.

I really like your work and character designs. I LOVE color when it's used well...and you've got that nailed.

There are too many to comment on individually but I really like the skeleton king, the girl on the back of the furry thang, and the boy with the sword...just to name a few.


Wow I sure wouldn't want to shake hands with the creepy-looking magician dude :p Lovely work, as always!

DudeYour work just absolutly Rocks !

love it love it love it:D

Jabberwocky: His moustache is modelled on my own! hahaha. cheers

Whut?!? Prove it!

Life drawings...somethings I never tried and don't plan to do...yours are quite amazing.

Hi, be sure to check out my blog! A few thing there, and I'll also be putting some of my work (pictures and short carttons) there too in the future:
I am also making a Flash animated cartoon that I plan to air on it's website in Fall 2008. It's called Tednut and it's about an personified peanut named Ted and his friend Kernal, and their basic adventures in their town of Sleepy Oaks, New York:

That face looks as if it could tell a story all by itself.

Just some quick characters I did for

ken :D

Ken, I'm just starting out in this whole world of animation, cartoon malarky, you are amazing. Is that just raw talent or can someone strive to be as good as that starting out? Basically is it a losing battle. Is life sketches an important part of all of this, you seem to have the anotomy of your characters down to a T!

Good stuff mate! Look forward to more!


I havent posted here or been active here in quite some time.

Just thought I would start my wee sketch thread rolling again! Here is some of my latest work

Chairman: Thank you mate! I used brown Col Erase pencils, brown conte, red, black and white watercolour pencil (without the water) and erm.... eraser! Im glad you saomething other than just a portrait and found some kind of feeling in there. I wasnt really thinking of that at the time but its something I wanna start doing - looking for something deeper in the models pose or expression. Cheers dude!

Thanks for the info Ken. And did capture it IMO...and a good thing to "think" about I agree!

The new stuff is fantastic. I especially like the portrait/old guy. Speaking of capturing "something"!


And it looks like you enjoy going between both realistic and caricature/cartoon work too.

Good schtuff!


Hi Ken, still loving this thread. I love the bunny fairground, the singer sargent exercise (he's one of my favourite artists) and the magician. And that monkey shows your work evolving in a new direction too. Fab!

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Claire O'

hey cartuneman! sorry i didnt reply you. yeh im still down under - even now! and glad u like my film appreciate the comments!

ok! i didnt see my old thread (this one) so i started a new one. But then jaberwocky found my old one, so im moving back to here. so im reposting from the new one, and hopefully the new one can be deleted. so im sorry for double posts!!

hi stribs! Thanks for the comments much appreciated! Just starting out? Awesome! A losing battle? Hey I know how you feel, I get that feeling too. I would say, No its not raw talent, definetly not. All artists practice and with practice get better at what they do.

For anatomy and such yeh, I recommend life drawing, you can attend life drawing classes and practice drawing the human figure. It definetly helps no question. Or, learn from books, or practice from photos, or even draw people in the street etc. All these are important. But I would say the MOST important factor in doing anything, be it drawing, playing guitar whatever - Its to enjoy it!! Draw because u enjoy it, and everything else will fall into place. Its only hard work if we dont enjoy doing it. Hope that helps?

Thanks for visitnig dude, I got another illo here.

ken :D

Some more recent work

rach3: Thanks for the kind words Rach, much appreciated!

Chairman: No worries mate. Thanks for dropping by and I am glad you enjoyed my work. Cheers for the kind words also!

Cartuneman: Cheers dude! means a lot :D

Racattack: Thanks for the compliments dude. But you should reconsider - life drawing is essential to animation, you really should try it one day!

Here is a portrait study from portrait class:

That is a seriously, lovely portrait.

Just been through the whole thread. Some really great stuff there. Love the weird monsters, especially the one with teeth.:D

Amazing...simply amazing work.

Very Good! What is the looks like pencil rather than charcoal or conte'?

Anyway...nice touch...well balanced and good values.

It's best when a portrait catches something "under the skin"...and I really like the intensity you put into her expression.


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RacattackJunction!, good life drawing is absolutely necessary to be a good illustrator, comic artist, or animator. It may seem intimidating at first, but it's more fun than you might think, and very valuable. I, myself need to do more of it, but I haven't had too much of an opportunity lately.


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I really love some of your stuff, other's not so much. Kinda hit and miss. Good job, keep it up. :)


palette: thanks for the kind words dude :) haha his tie flaps even when the wind aint blowing...

Cobster: Thankyou :) I hope I can keep this thread going this time haha

Zachary: Thanks dude - thats the beauty of art, its so subjective, one glove doesnt fit all as it were :D I try to vary my style and subject also, so as not to go stale. Variety is zee spice of life!

That left wrist looks painfull. The portrait is awesome though. I miss doing longer studies. enjoy the class!

Hello! Its been a while. Ive been a bit busy. Well. Ive been busy relaxing and not drawing. But Im back at it now.

Chinese New Year

Hey hey, I did this quick sketchy paint for Chinese New Year. It was loosely based on a photo I took while in China of a girl in traditional dress

wow, i really love your art and your animation. wish i could draw anything anywhere near as good as your stuff.

Love the fish, your best piece and most original :)

Waaaaaaahhhh! You Rock!!!

cool stuff, I really love the colors, how did you do that?

wow love it

Howdy Ken,

Love your stuff and I visted your web site really cool stuff. I loved the animation. God I wish I could draw like that.

Where did You go to school?


wow thanks guys!

pixelmech: thanks! its my favourite too and also the most finished out of the lot

Bandita: hehe thanks!

Erik draws: Thanks mate! all these were drawings I did, I scanned in and coloured digitally. The fish was done in photoshop, the other 3 were coloured in Artweaver, a free painting program. Its really good i recommend it.

Cartuneman: Thank you! much appreciated, thanks for visiting my site and watching my film! I studied animation in Dundee, Scotland. But I find I learn most from other people online! Lots of inspiring work! Do you have a website I can visit?

Here is some more of my work :D

Indiana Jones homage hehe ^^^


Thanks Ken,

for the freeware !!! I'm going to try it out and have fun .....sorry to say my website is underconstruction...When it's done I'll post the location in my gallery. I had to watch your animation again it is so cool .....I recomend everyone who stops by here go visit Kens site and view his animation .......You won't regret it!

have a great day sir!


Glad your gonna check out artweaver, I dont think you will be disappointed!

Cool, looking forward to seeing your website. hehe watched again? Im flattered! and thanks for the recommendation :D

good day to you too, im off to check your gallery thread


Hello! A WIP i am painting. Almost finsihed it, im looking for opinions on how to improve it before I wrap it up?