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Storyboarding software - Toon Boom Storyboard

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Storyboarding software - Toon Boom Storyboard

Does anybody here use storyboarding software, such as Toon Boom Storyboard?

There are definite limitations to storyboarding on a computer -- mainly that you can't see all the action spread out in front of you in one continuous sweep, the way you can on a corkboard.

Do you storyboard on paper first, work with the panels on corkboard, and then scan the panels into storyboarding software? Or do you create the panels in the storyboarding software, print them out and work with them on the corkboard during the review phase?

How does storyboarding software fit into your workflow?


I use Toon Boom Studio software to create my animations but I prefer the old fashioned method of storyboarding, sketching it out on paper. I usually design my storybords for composition, value and framing using just pencil. I don't usually include color information in storyboards, though I always have a clear idea of how color will be used. I personally don't see any particular advantage to using software for storyboarding.

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It might depend on your work flow? Where I work at the moment we do boards the traditional way, then scan them in and cut a leica together in Final Cut. Any revisions that need doing after you see the pacing and so on is done in Photoshop with a Cintique and dropped right back into the leica.
I've seen the toon boom program and found it lacking. The camera section is neet but toon boom's problem has always been the drawing part and its interface.

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What does a storyboarding software do? I just know about this 2 minutes ago and I never even heard it in my life..... XD

I Use the old school corkboard method, I like to see how the whole thing is working and exactly where I'm at while drawing. When the first draft of the boards is finished I do an animatic(leica reel) and decide what I need to throw in the garbage.
I know some tv show productions do storyboard straight into flash. I guess doing them right on the computer would get you playing with the timing more right from the begining of the process.