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Imagination is MUCH more important then knowledge

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Imagination is MUCH more important then knowledge

I was just reading a book and the book stated about how Einstein was called a dullwitted fella by his teachers.But he proved them wrong and a few years later there was a person who said that fact knowledge was vitally important. Einstein disagreed.He said"A person does not need to go to college to learn facts.He can learn them from books.The value of a liberal arts college education is that it trains the mind to think".Then he also said "Imagination is much more important then knowledge".I felt something when i read this. IMAGINATION,the 1 thing that makes me happy and different,is indeed very important(according to the most famous scientist in the world).Then i've find out why i wanted to be a digital animator in the first place.Being able to create what you dream on the is just AMAZING.I know that it takes much more then that but isnt this how it starts first.The interest and the DREAM....I just want to know all of your opinion about this....

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Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

Opinion? I tend to think of it like my writing style.

1) It's always good to have a plan
2) Let the content purge from your innards
3) Revise it paying attention to structure and polish

Imagination is important. Specifically regarding animation, most professionals tell me the strongest need is for imagination, and that most people "get" the technique side of things -eventually.- But just like writing, if you don't "speak the language," whether it's visual or mechanical or what have you, no one will pay the slightest bit of attention to anything you have to say. That would be unfortunate when you're trying to express and communicate ideas.

I'm going to guess that Einstein was speaking to the scientific community, where imagination may be lacking.
For the creative arts, creativity is not really a disputed issue.

It would be like asking a baseball player, "Which is more important: pitching or batting?" I think they'd just look at you funny.

To quote Shakespeare:

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air;
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
The Tempest, Act 4, Scene 1

Imagination is key.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.


Ahhhaaahhh,imagination is what that makes us different.........

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

I'm going to guess that Einstein was speaking to the scientific community, where imagination may be lacking.
For the creative arts, creativity is not really a disputed issue.

It would be like asking a baseball player, "Which is more important: pitching or batting?" I think they'd just look at you funny.

Look at the designs of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, etc... and tell me you think they're all unique. Craetivity is not disputed by the people who do these shows because it would be undermining their own job security. It's just as cookie-cutter a form as anime.

Don't get me wrong, these shows all have their merits, and I'll catch one every now and then. Hell, American Dad actually manages to be edgy from time to time. But artistically, they're very lowest-common-denominator. It's like every character design is first given to the least competent inbetweener they can find. Then, when the results are less than fantastic, they say, "See? I told you it wouldn't work. Let's just stick to the old way. It's safer."

Beyond animation, it doesn't seem like Hollywood is capable of putting out a movie that isn't a remake of something that was once popular. The theater I used to work out opened remakes of The Hills Have Eyes and The Shaggy Dog on the same day. And now there's this Wicker Dude abomination.

I very much dispute the creativity of much of the "creative arts."

Look at the designs of The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, etc... and tell me you think they're all unique.
I very much dispute the creativity of much of the "creative arts."

Being creative or imaginative doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to be absolutely unique. Sometimes a little bit of "imagination" is enough.

I still think this competition between imagination and knowledge is a fallacy and a dead-end debate.
I think Gamecon - by quoting Einstein out of context - is just trying to back up his belief that he doesn't need to learn how to draw. :p

Then he also said "Imagination is much more important then knowledge".I felt something when i read this.

I did say i felt something.....i not sure what it is.......maybe you are right harvey or maybe you are wrong.....

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

haha....Well... I don't know what to say here. :confused:

The distinction between imagination and knowledge to me is like the distinction between fire and fuel. Imagination won't burn brightly if there's no sound foundation of experience and knowledge to fuel it. You can't create something from nothing, everything is based on what we know in the end. The question is whether we are creative enough to use it well.

"Imagination is much more important then knowledge"

This is a great reminder as you doggedly hit the books and learn absolutely everything you can about the world and things that interest you. It's not a free pass to get out of academics, research, or understanding the real world.

I agree with Jabberwockey - knowledge fuels the imagination.

I was just pointing out the fact that I question the amount of creativity in the "creative arts". These days, it seems like about ten percent creativity and ninety percent ass kissing (which I suppose can be done creatively.)

I really view myself as a craftsman, for better or worse. "Art" is a really imprecise term that doesn't really mean what people want it to. I've noticed that there's this equation among people who go around refering to themselves as artists that goes: "I created it and I'm an artist, therefore it must be art." So less and less work goes in to each individual piece, because they are, after all, but one facet of the masterpiece the artist assumes him/herself to be. And you go to a museum of modern art and you'll find people gazing for hours at a painting that took about twenty minutes. Sickening.

Fortunately, the world of professional animation/illustration is pretty Darwinian by nature. One will survive by learning their craft. Of course, a good designer or lead animator should have the creative spark there at the beginning of the work. But it'll take a lot of creative ass kissing to hang on to even the bottom rung of the ladder if you don't even bother with learning to draw.

Hello gamecon90!
You sure ask a lot of questions, that's good, means you're willing to learn.

As for imagination and knowledge, when it comes to creativity, when both knowledge and imagination work together, you'll get an amazing masterpiece.
Neither can work without the other, therefore they're dependant.
I mean quite honestly think about animation, imagination will create and design the character, the style, but knowledge will move that character, knowledge about how beings move, how they squash and stretch and radiate with life and personality.
Knowledge about life and every day things, knowledge about other people's poersonalities is what makes a great animated character.
Sure imagination will make that character pleasing, but only knowledge will make that character alive.

Also, everything creative around you is based on knowledge.
I mean, me for example, I do tons of research on my animations. In fact, yesterday I spent several hours researching norse mythology because I got a great fresh idea for an animation based on that. Without knowledge of clothes and gods and even legends, I wouldn't be able to make the animation I want. Knowledge makes something believable, research is very important to all animation.

For example, I believe Disney animators were sent to hawaii to draw and learn and live what it feels like, to get knowledge on such a place so that they could make a movie like Lilo and Stitch. Hayao Miyazaki went on trips everywhere around the world's country sides to paint environments to make his animations even more beautiful. Leonardo Da Vinci spent years learning anatomy by dissecting dead bodies, he could've only painted his masterpieces with knowledge on anatomy.

Knowledge is as important as imagination. Don't ever forget that.
Cause I sure will... :D


True....true......but what is knowledge in this era of Information Technology. For nowdays the educational system's way of teaching is by cramming every bit of information into our heads.......

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

romanticism aside

With knowledge of the fundamentals of animation, you can animate for the rest of your life, provided you have a writer or designer to lead the way.

With imagination, you're sitting on your duff thinking up ideas and doing nothing with them, since knowledge is required to carry out those ideas.

In day-to-day life and in the field of animation, imagination needs knowledge more than knowledge needs imagination.

Originally Posted by gamecon90
True....true......but what is knowledge in this era of Information Technology. For nowdays the educational system's way of teaching is by cramming every bit of information into our heads.......

Ah yes, the educational system....I know how it feels, having an overloaded brain and forgetting absolutely everything the moment the exam is over. :D
But you have to understand, to gain knowledge you have to be willing to learn, and honestly that doesn't mean you need to know every little bit of information by heart, collect it, take notes down, print out some pages with interesting information and keep it for reference.
Reference is something you will need.
I mean I'm always looking for reference pictures and information to draw and get the atmosphere right.

I think I'm writing too much...

My take on the educational system, or teachers, more specifically, is that good teachers won't tell you what to know but guide your efforts to gain knowledge. Einstein was right in saying that the bare facts can be learned from books and no one needs to attend colleges just for that. But I ask you - how many people these days are so much in love with science, or movie-making or any other topic for that matter, that they can muster the sheer discipline to thoroughly educate themselves? Passion like that is a rare gift.

I see..... So both imagination and knowledge is just as important....

I see..... So both imagination and knowledge is just as important....

No, it should be obvious that knowledge is much more valuable than imagination.

How good of an illustrator or animator would any of us be without the vast history of illustration and animation?

With knowledge, we have schools, teachers, books, and tutorials; we have millions of examples of illustration and animation to learn from. With knowledge, we can paint a landscape, sketch a figure, and animate a character.

If we had to rely primarily on our imaginations, each of us would be drawing stick figures, and we'd have little concept of animation.

I'd say any good creative artist needs about 99% knowledge and 1% imagination.

I highly disagree.....

[QUOTE=Harvey Human] No, it should be obvious that knowledge is much more valuable than imagination. QUOTE]

I highly disagree.....with you harvey.Imagination is just as or more important compared to knowledge.For how it all started is through imagination not knowledge......and the teachers are not there to give knowledge,they are there to guide you to obtain knowledge yourself......just my father always reminded me "I give you tuition,money,books.....but all in the end it comes down to you,whether you are willing to learn or not.....".Tell me harvey is it imagination or knowledge that animation started with and keeps on going.Is Walt Disney started Mickey Mouse,Disneyland,Disney itself......just through knowledge.Yes,knowledge is important for alot of things,but in the end its imagination that makes animation alive,thats the most important part.

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

I don't think imagination is more important. Equal to it, I can agree but not more. Yea, imagination makes animation alive but without knowledge, how can you make it alive? :P

Here's another way of looking at things.

What do "Star Wars" and "Finding Nemo" have in common?

Both have classic, Greek-hero type characters that embark on a journey to rescue someone. Luke Skywalker and Nemo's dad share many common experiences, setbacks and personal growth.

I think it's important to recognise this similarity because when you're working on your stuff, and your imagination is working overtime and you're thrilled at how original it all looks, you might be disappointed that deep down there's a very good chance someone's done it before.

Knowledge helps you understand the classic structure many stories have and Imagination lets you play them out underwater, or in outerspace, or Middleearth or Narnia, so that it's fresh and new and enjoyable.

In this instance, I'd say imagination has the upperhand but it's really important you understand the roots of storytelling. There's nothing wrong with reinventing the wheel as long as you don't think you're actually INVENTING the first one.

With imagination, you can dream it.
With Knowledge, you can build it.

No dream ever became realized without the same amount of knowledge to construct that dream into reality. One is no greater or more important than the other.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

The Wright Brothers probably imagined flight was possible before they knew it.

Nothing is impossible!

ha ha, probably true

Topdrawers right...

Topdrawers it all started is through imagination not knowledge..... So how can knowledge be soo important when imagination started it......

PS:Marksman,you are supposed to be on my side.....

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...


Now that we have two members from Kuala Lumpur, I want to see a thread about life there.
Unfortunately, we have no off-topic forum. :p

RELIGIONS: Muslim, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh
LANGUAGES: Bahasa Melayu (official), English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai
GOVERNMENT: constitutional monarchy
ECONOMY: Malaysia, a middle-income country, transformed itself from 1971 through the late 1990s from a producer of raw materials into an emerging multi-sector economy. Growth was almost exclusively driven by exports - particularly of electronics.
(source: CIA WorldFactbook)

You guys have twin towers as we once did.

Topdrawers it all started is through imagination not knowledge..... So how can knowledge be soo important when imagination started it......

PS:Marksman,you are supposed to be on my side.....

Well, try realizing imagination into reality without knowledge.
Imagination is just so much an ethereal soap-bubble if it cannot be made real.
Its like all talk and no walk.
That's why I say both are equal and neither is any more important than the other.

It might be safer to NOT make assumptions about what is better that what without actual experience in the stuff. The benefits of actual practical hands-on, actually going through the process can yield insight that the "dreamer" just isn't aware of.
What might come across as a jaded or even cynical point of view might simply be one that is more worldly.
Imagination is the spark, but like any other kind of spark, its needs nurturing to become something. To consistently nurture ideas into reality takes practised skill and the knowledge that accompanies that.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Hi Marksman and Gamecon, fellow Malaysians.

My First post here. I agree imagination starts it all, but where does it go from there? It does not make it more important than knowledge, but points to the right direction for research. It also depends what type of knowledge you are talking about. If Methodology, Technique, Animation principles....those I deem even slightly more important than imagination. For there are others who can do the thinking for you if you just produce the work.

I am not saying imagination is nothing, and you can hardly seperate the two, for it goes hand in hand with knowledge. I think Imagination seperates a good animator from a great animator. But imagination alone will give you no animator. If it is still animation we are talking about.

If you are talking about General knowledge, like who won the world cup, or what did they wear in the 1800s, that is not as important but can make a difference. If you have an idea, lack of research can cause it to flop.

To me all types of knowledge applied to imagination equals creativity. And to say it all started with imagination is not entirely accurate. Your imagination is ignited by what you know. A baby has no imagination until it learns what is around him. Although I cannot prove that nor anything I just said. Man, I have typed 'imagination' too many times.

Have fun imagining stuff. I do it all the time without producing anything and it's almost better than the real thing, except with no one to share it with. =)

That's a good question...does imagination need a reference? Stimuli? In every and all cases? Or can you legitimately pull something from your butt?

>> The Wright Brothers probably imagined flight was possible before they knew it.

Well, birds have been doing it for quite some time. ;) So I don't think they pulled that one from any part of their anatomy. DaVinci studied it of course and then there's poor Icarus.

The Wright brothers were ALL about knowledge. They used good, hard science to fly.

Gamecon, There wasnt any sides, ha ha. 3rd Malaysian I found in the group. We could use an Off topic Forum here. :P

Imagination Rocks......

>> The Wright Brothers probably imagined flight was possible before they knew it.


So it was IMAGINATION that started it.Imagination is also what we see but through a different perspective.In the do you think Icarus's father knew how birds fly,which led to creating the wings for both him and Icarus to fly.....

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

The question isn't "WAS imagination more important." It's "IS imagination more important."
No pilot needs to invent the airplane before he flies it, and no animator needs to invent animation and its principles.

I'd like to suggest that you work in the animation field for a couple years and then come back and tell me how heavily you relied on imagination and how relatively unimportant knowledge was.

ha ha. I got no comment for that...

Hey gamecon,

I am still trying to understand the mystery...which is what is your point here? I don't think the replies that have been coming in have been agreeing with you. Most of them are stating how imagination relates to knowledge.

If I understand your first post correctly, you are saying that imagination is MUCH more important than knowledge. Most people assume that you are talking about the animation industry, but now I'm not so sure.

Yes imagination is important, it helped spark the invention of the plane and what not. And some has said it seperate us from animals. I'd be afraid if you didn't have an imagination. It keeps you in your happy place. Helps you pursue knowledge to fill the void that it creates.

But IN ANIMATION,...specifically to be an animator, no one is asking you to invent the plane over and over again. If you are thinking each movie must have been the great invention of the animators, be prepared that your ideas are not worth a hoot if the people in charge don't agree. You are there to bring someone elses idea to life....probably the Director, Scriptwriter, or some meddling executives. If you can't live with that you are not going to go very far. So I wouldn't focus so much on the importance of imagination to bring success. Because in reality, if you have the KNOWLEDGE of animation, that pays your bills. That is why I say you can survive without imagination, but it does seperates you from the greats.

In no way is imagination MORE important than knowledge. But it works together and I say by itself...knowledge is the more stable of the two. You don't have to be a genius to have a good job. Nobody is asking you to learn how to cook or how to dance to become an animator. You learn what you have to learn. You wouldn't ask a nurse to learn how to sculpt. And as you say you would have to learn cooking if you were going to animate it, so in my opinion, an animator would have to have an even larger archive of information than other professions to be truly successful. Balance that with a little imagination and you would have one Kick butt animator.

The Wright Brothers example is a good one and B'ini made some excellent points on the formula of their success. They probably got their idea from birds. Do you think they just think of a human with wings...that would work! Your reference to Icarus is totally disproving your point about imagination. You do know its just a story right? They studied the laws of gravity and patterns of flight and came to the conclusion that it is possible to make man fly. It wasn't only through imagination that it just popped into their heads. Then what? Great, man should be able to fly...write it down and tell the world....flight is possible....try for youselves. NO! They further researched and studied it to make their vision a reality.

In their case, imagination played a vital part in the process, but so did knowledge. And I think that their knowledge and observation about birds and flight in fact sparked their imagination, and not the other way around. I would doubt that an aquatic civilization that has never gone to the surface would imagine anything about flying. But I bet the people working with the Wright Brothers, supplying their fuel, sourcing certain materials, didn't need an ounce of imagination in them and yet they were involved in the process.

Be a director! if you want to use your imagination skills to the fullest! And do respect other opinions than your own. That is more vital in animation than imagination. Your work will be critiqued by everyone under the sun so it is better to start learning from them now. You do not know who is reading the forums and even that should not be the criteria for whether you listen to them or not. The best critique could be coming from your neighbourhood 5 yr old who says that the monster was too scary in your film for kids. The best work comes from a collaberation of ideas and opinions. And is not your job to do come up with the ideas. People are paid to do that. You can hope that a director asks your opinion one day and you have 2 mins to say what you think. Use your imagination wisely then.

Read Carefully....

Hey friend,so you are the guy Marksman was telling me about.Happy Merdeka Day.You seem really serious in the post,so i'll give you what you need to know.You see,I didn't say anything at my first post......just about what Einstein believed.Then I wrote there "I felt something",after that I wrote "...give your opinion...".
It seems fairly easy but still requires alot of thinking.I was not interested at how this affects the animation industry and all that.Instead I'm more interested on the animator itself.You see,everyone differs when it comes to thinking.Knowledge is just something that you see and know.But imagination is very different and i'm very interested in it.Knowledge fuels the imagination,but did you know that even though you have limited knowledge but your imagination can never finish.Imagination dosen't just separate us from animals but from each other. Imagination works wonders when you take the time to understand it.
I wanted to post this thread to see on how people think about imagination.From what I see,everyone thinks that imagination is just what comes out from knowledge but add more shit like talking toys and aliens.
This troubled me in a way for it conflicted with my idea of imagination.I wanted to know why,especially from Harvey.From what I think,imagination is something that greatly enhances your thinking experience.As you think,knowledge will be the strong base for all needs.Then imagination comes.....thats when the questions come....who,why,which, when,where......THATS when the thinking starts.We will REMEMBER,IMAGINE, LEARN.Everyone has different opinions that is why I started this thread,as well as the same time try to find out the mindset of others.
ANIMATION.My dear friend......animation is special.Animation is different.It is different because it is not like a movie,it is not reality.Animation helps enhance the mind till the word 'Imagination' has no limits.Now i'm asking how can you help enhance it when you have the limiting it to 'your' knowledge.I wanted to know 'what' is it that animators think until all this IMAGINATION can happen.
Yes...there are others which are supposed to do their jobs. Others that are supposed to be smarter,creative,better.There are who can choose to help you or kick you out.Others.....who get the name/wealth for your work.BUT the question is not 'Why Do It ??' but instead 'Why NOT Do It'. Step up.Speak up.I (even though am just 16) have always given my ideas.
Many times i've been not supported cause my ideas are too different but who cares?.But there are times when my ideas are considered 'great',for it has been taken a better way compared to many others.DIFFERENCE.Ask Marksman yourself about all the projects we have done.....
I don't know why were you so offended(by writting a LOOONG story) about the imagination part in animation industry.I have a feeling that you must have something that happened in the past which led you to be feeling like this.Like i said earlier,if you want,knowledge can be obtained easily.Tell me,if there was a 2 animators who wants to be hired.Both have the same qualifications but ask for different pay.Of course the cheaper one will get hired.But if the other one was different in a good way.He will be the better one for the job.He might also get rejected,but then he know what are his mistakes and do better next time.Theres always another chance.But always think different.
I'm not saying that imagination HAS to be much more important then knowledge.That is why im asking everyones opinion.But I am saying that imagination is VERY IMPORTANT.Knowledge,like you said is stable.That is why we use it as a base for most of our lifes.But to reach the peak you must have imagination and LUCK.But the theory of knowledge being the reason of imagination is not that strong for me.Knowledge might create the base but nothing else must let the mind to think,wonder, imagine for anything.Let me ask you a question then about the relationship of the two.Who will you say will have more imagination?Be frank.A 5 year old child with only 5 years of knowledge or 70 year old man with 70 years of knowledge.
Like you said "You don't have to be a genius to have a good job".But my question is then "What you need then to have a good job". Everything has a reason.'What Is It Then'.Think,my Friend,Think....Then you said "an animator would have to have an even larger archive of information than other professions to be truly successful".I respect your opinion.I wouldn't say that I disagree.That was what this Thread was all about.But all this information will not be usefull if not used properly.To tell you the truth that is what i'm doing now.But we must always think as to how am i gonna use all this info to help me and others.THINK.
The Wright Bros.They were a great contribition to our great society of mankind.For it weren't for them the element of flying would be just a cloud.Do you know that they used to own a bicycle shop.I didn't say that 'poof' the idea is there.Of course they have to think and understand for a long time before anything can happen.But do you know for them to use their knowledge to make the first ever plane is through their imagination.They had the knowledge to build a bicycle but must somehow interpret it to make a plane.Thinking,my friend.They thought.They use their imagination to think their way through.The knowledge is there.Engineering.But they still to make in such a way that it somehow rules out the Laws Of Gravity.As always, Imagination.
If you think that studying and research is the reason that let them build a plane,I disagree.Helped yes.....but not the reason.If is that so,then a physist or a mathematical genius would have thought of it first.But NO !!! Its two bros who owns a bicycle shop not with just an idea but a dream.Studies and research will not help much for at that time for flying was known as impossible.They tried many times and failed but it did not stop them.They tried again and again and again.The knowledge of engineering bicycles and the thinking/imaginaton is in the end that what led them to build the plane.The knowledge WAS there,there were hundreds of bicycle makers/owners who had the same capabilities but it was their thinking and imagination which made them to create the plane.Many thought that they were crazy but they still tried.You might be right,the people who helped don't need to have an ounce of imagination,they didn't need to.It was thought out by the Wright Bros.BUT I BET you this,I bet they had the idea of saying this"IMAGINE if people actually COULD fly....",the same thing that Oliver Wright thought when he had the idea of the plane.
YES....I am young.I have choices for my future.Thank You for the inspiring post.A director seems good.My advice to you is not to take everything seriously.Stand up if you have an idea.Know why if its not chosen.Understand,think,adapt and imagine for new ideas.We are not so different,but always think different.I dedicated this whole Thread for people to send their opinion for what they think.Yes,I do somethimes don't want to swallow my pride and I also like to challenge.But when I talk about something,it takes real thinking to understand.Not only listening,but FEELING,SEEING.....UNDERSTANDING is needed.Critiques are just a small part that holds you,but believe in yourself AND others itself.You say"The best work comes from a collaberation of ideas and opinions" but what is the use if they are all thinking the same without imagination.I will remember your advice.
I'm just gonna tell you "You have only one chance in life,don't waste your chances...".One LAST thing,I want you to remember that imagination is a great factor of how you think.I've been thinking on the concepts of imagination since i was 11 years old.Not that long....Yes....but i've been thinking/understanding/learning about it for almost everyday for the past 5 years.Tell me,did you ever thought about anything without imagining.....???

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

If you've never read any Joseph Campbell Gamecon.... You should go to your local library and pick up a couple of his books. I think you'd relate.

You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don't know what was in the newspapers that morning...a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what your might be.
Joseph Campbell, In Loneliness/Solitude

I know I do. Without dreamers and imagination there would be nothing new, only reissues like we are seeing today of Dukes of Hazzard, and that ilk.

There'd be no Harry Potter if Jk Rowlings hadn't sat in a coffee shop and scribbled notes out of her imagination.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

True, Very True!

Well put Phacker, I'm a Joseph Campbell fan myself.

By the way, did you ever succeed in viewing my submission on the Show & Tell page, "Fred's Birthday Surprise"? If you're using dial-up, I'm not sure it will be worth the wait. So far, it looks as if you are the only one who's even noticed it there. When I heard someone tell an old joke, I IMAGINED how it could be embellished, modified and produced as an animated cartoon. I had to possess special KNOWLEDGE in order to get the idea from inside my head out into the world so it could be shared with others. I hope you can view it and I hope it gives you a chuckle.

Nothing is impossible!

Still haven't been able to view it Topdrawer, but had a major computer meltdown last Friday, and am just now getting my old computer back up to speed. I'll keep trying though.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I guess imagination is the difference between arts and crafts. Any six year old can copy a Picasso, and anyone with 100 million dollars can remake an old movie with new effects. In fact, Hollywood feeds not only on old films, but also on "unknown" Latin American, European, or Asian films.
So that's why Hollywood's fare is usually well made, watered-down stuff, where you know what's gonna happen. Hey, it's an INDUSTRY! Imagination has to yield to a careful calculation of cost Vs revenue. At the risk of starting a world war here, I must say Disney has been using the same template for a script since Snow White. The tecnique is great, but you get the feeling you've seen that before. Thank God for lapses like The Emperor's New Groove or Hercules!
And yes, you need the tecnique, the knowledge. But that's something you can acquire with more or less difficculty, whereas imagination is a gift, or at least something we still haven't quite figured out.


True....true...Now i wonder why the guy i sent the looong post to,never replied yet.......:D

Imagination is much more important then knowledge...

I am agree

I am agree

Imagination is very important

Imagination is very important for a person. It needs to be developed, this is a factor that will help a lot of people in their work. I read a lot about sociological imagination, used for this. I have been playing Lego since childhood. I myself constantly collected something in this way, I built incredible structures.