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Lunch with Larry

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Lunch with Larry


I will be out in L.A. for my son's wedding- so I was hoping together with friends and former students- Sunday, August 27th, for lunch at Shanghai Red's in Marina Del Rey.

Please contact me if you can attend?

I look forward to seeing everyone!

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Sadly, I'm not in LA, but...

love your headline!

"Lunch with Larry" is the perfect title or thread name from you for an article about animation!

A weekly tid-bit, opinion or story from your past animation exploits would be swell, eh?

Just a thought...;)



I was just talking with Alex Manresa about this yesterday...we'll see you there!

Try the Oysters Rockefeller. :p<--me salivating

11:00 am

Het Rob,

Call all the folks, tell them 11:00 am on Sunday the 27th of August...

Can't wait to see you all!