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SCAD students/alums please help!! moving to Savannah

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SCAD students/alums please help!! moving to Savannah

I currently live in Michigan, but my husband just got a job in Savannah that we couldn't pass up. Now we have two weeks to relocate to Savannah. We've never been there and don't know which neighborhoods are good. This is great since I have been wanting to go to grad school at SCAD... but for now we need to figure out where it is safe to live!

We've looked at one place on abercorn near tibet ave
we looked at one on 17 near 204
we also looked at a place in pooler near 95.

Are there any neighbvorhoods we should avoid.... any we should focus our search on? Any help would be great!!! I hope to be joining you SCAD students sometime soon!

Anyplace off of Abercorn between Victory and DeRenne avenue is a nice neighborhood, and close to historic downtown where SCAD is. Avoid West downtown( MLK boulevard/Montgomery Street).

There are some nice neighborhoods in midtown, around the Eisenhour Drive/Skidaway Road area.



The Islands are all wonderful- I live on Wilmington. Buying is now pricey- but we did a FSBO and it worked out great.

Renting is very good.

Try West Wind Landing on Wilmington- very reasonable rates.

Do not buy the Commons condos on Wilmington- some litigation going on

The other places mentioned previously are good.

What's your major?


Thanks for the help guys!! I hope to be an animation MFA. Are any of you attending/ teaching at SCAD currently? Thanks!

I am also from Michigan and went to SCAD. I stayed at Whitemarsh Island in the Island Tree Apartments...very nice, reasonable rent, and in a very safe area. Like Larry said the Islands are a great place to live. A small commute downtown (6 or 8 miles) but well worth it.

I really enjoyed my time in much more laid back then the hustle and bustle of LA! ....but LA is still cool!

the apt at tibet ave. is quiet far from college, thats if you are taking the local bus .. like I used to, but my best be would be down town. If you dig really hard you would surely find one there, I got a pretty comfy spot for under $1000.
try the

I just want to thank everyone for helping me. I was able to find a nice apt. for under $800. It is about 20 minutes from downtown, but that's okay for me. I was used to driving an hour to work in Michigan. My husband has started his job here... and I'm almost finished getting my SCAD app. materials together!!! Watching the news here... it seems that crime in Savannah isn'y as bad as I was led to believe. But I'm still glad to be somewhere where I can go to bed feeling like my car won't be stolen when I wake up. Thanks everyone.

That was a close one, I thought for sure you were looking for help moving. :D
Have a great adventure.

Have fun at SCAD...;)

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