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HAVE THEY NO MERCY?!? (new box sets)

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HAVE THEY NO MERCY?!? (new box sets)

Out now or coming very soon are: HARVEY BIRDMAN-- I've liked what I've seen, and it's a relatively painless way to study Toth's Hanna Barbera design work. PINKY & THE BRAIN-- I used to watch this pretty regularly, and found it pretty damn amusing. The same goes for ANIMANIACS, to a lesser degree. THE TICK(animated) I must've blinked while this was on the air, 'cause I never caught one, but have had it described as "essential" by toonheads I've known over the years.

But I'm a starving student, and thus live in fear of a fatal case of buyer's remorse. Any reactions to the above titles?

I can live without any of those titles.

[I] Ren & Stimpy: Lost Episodes,
Simpsons season 8,
Boondocks 1st season, &
Beavis & Butt-Head volume 3[/I]
are also being released.

You could try getting it as a used item, I have done that.

I try to avoid buying anything I can still see fairly regularly on TV.

The Tick was one of my favorites, but I think it's still showing on satelite tv systems, like Direct TV.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Well If I needed of Toth's designs in action, I would wait for sets with the original Birdman and The Galaxy trio.

When it comes to sets I'm tending to stay away from features and 22.5 minute shows...Jonny Q the exception. Even FLintsones which I love, love, love, I have on a few on commercial VHS and that's good enough. It is a waste when I don't have time to see them all. Shorts are easier to see in pieces.

I really have to know I'm going to watch it all the time to invest.

As a student, get what inspires you.