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30 sec. Stop motion project

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30 sec. Stop motion project

Since I've been hanging around lately, I thought I should bring something to the table. This is a project I did this past spring semester for a production class that covered concept, script, storyboards, animatics and the final piece. It's 30 seconds and about 3MB.

I used all original photography/scans, green screen, AfterEffects and final cut pro. All the objects were found in my house after some reconstruction -- the stuff fell from the attic into the balloon frame and was sitting behind the walls for 40 to 90 years. I have letters dating back to 1912.

This summer I worked only in 3D and will post the finished files later in the week. Yes, they STILL need some tweaking.

I start my Thesis in the fall and I think I'm going to combine the two and composite a 3D character into a 2D scene.

All crits welcome.

looks like fun with after effects.
I don't understand the storyline - what does the first scene have to do with the boy looking behind the binoculars? Why are the toys just spinning around?
But very artsy though - it has a nice old time theme.

The story really needed more time to develop

But we had a 30 second limitation. The idea was that the boy with the binoculars is looking out of the photo at all these toys and pictures on the desk. The truck catches his eye and he reaches out and takes it, bringing it into the picture.

A bit of backstory would be that the boy in the picture once owned the toys and came back to reclaim them.

A much larger story line would be that he could take anything off the desk, like car keys or letters, "haunting" the desk and the house it's in.

A kids story book might be that a present day kid discovers this parallel universe.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

It was all done in AfterEffects and things like the car turning around were photographed with a small green screen.

Very interesting, something different from what we usually see around here.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

the beginning detfinitely caught my attention. and loved the music, it blend in so well.