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Don Bluth Rock A Doodle characters?

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Don Bluth Rock A Doodle characters?

Like I mentioned in my other post of seeking help identifying cels, I ran across other cels from the Don Bluth animated movie Rock A Doodle. There are many characters I have no idea about. I tried checking all over the internet. If anyone has a link to show each character with their name, I would appreciate it. I tried contacting Bluth Studios directly, but so far have had no response. Since there are so many characters I don't know, I don't want to bombard this thread with a whole bunch of photos.

Maybe through a description someone can help.

One cel has a yellow chihuahua holding a piece of steak with a bite taken out of it.

One has what looks like a bulldog in an ariplane cap, scarf and goggles

One has I think the owl dressed up in a baker's outfit with the little bird on the table in the background, whom I think is Hunch (Charles Nelson Riley voice)

One is a dog wearing a pink cap and blue and pink shirt/jacket?

One has 2 villains and a victim? Vultures, one holding an apple with a pig in the middle of them.

Last one has the same pig holding a female rabbit in a pink dress. Is that Pinky?

Thanks for all your help.

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I've not seen Rock-A-Doodle (I need to!, sounds cool), but that first one - a chihuahua with a bite out of his steak - sounds an awful lot like this character from All Dogs Go To Heaven...

Come to think of it, that second one - the bulldog - sounds like Carface...

Most of them sound like they are from All Dogs Go To Heaven - Not Rock-a-Doodle. Ecec... Save your hour and a half. Rock-a-Doodle is not something that when you see it you will say, "wow... What a masterpiece". The animation is quite nice, but the story... Oh my... Another Don Bluth piece of animated film bastardization.

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Pfff, an hour and a half of my time isn't so precious that I can justify skipping any movie. ;)
...well, at least any movie without the involvement of Robin Williams, M. Shamalyan, or "Larry the Cable Guy"...

besides, i need to learn how to draw beaks better for birdy characters :~)

Hmm. Maybe some of them are from All Dogs Go to Heaven. The problem is that most have been labeled on the back by Animated Art International of London as Rock A Doodle. Since I personally have not seen either movie, I can't know which is from which. The chihuahua is the one you've shown. Now what's his name? hehe

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I'm convinced the one with the "vultures" and pig is from Rock-A-Doodle, only the vultures are meant to be villainous owls.