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3D Run Cycle

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3D Run Cycle

Please rip my heart out.


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it looks great i really like the effect you made with the neck.
the only thing thing i would have to say its that you have to use lights its rally hard to say if it right if you cant see the feets touch the ground.
Remember that lights not only show as the objects but it also give as information about the position.

its great I am also working these days on running i can not say because it should be front or left for comment


I liked it too but for some reason it looked a little jurky. I am on an old machine and that may have something to do with the play of the video's I download. I wish you had set the scene so the run would cycle seamlessly. I wish I would get off my bum and do something. :D

maybe you could slow down the animation a bit - it has the appearance of flashing around to me?

I liked the secondary action on the feet and the neck, be cautious not to have the entire animation sync perfectly to the feet- a little offset of the arms with the feet will add more overlapping to the timing. Overlapping action would add more believability.