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Not sure if anyone else saw this or cares as much as I do, but they released the new trailer today. Enjoy.


And now if only that would do something for "Teen Titans". It really is something that a small black and white graphics comic has come this far.

I saw it and enjoyed it so much I watched it twice.
Hopefully we've seen the last of that "cowabunga, dude" crap and they're returning to the earlier, hard-edged, Frank Miller-rip-off turtles.

TMNT issue #1

To clarify the "Frank Miller-rip-off" comment, here's the cover of the first issue of Frank "Sin City" Miller's Ronin, published one year prior to the first issue of TMNT.

What no Pizza

Very Cool Trailer!

Would have liked to see some of that 3D pizza action!

I remember a friend who worked for the company that produced them in Dublin, Ireland... he said when the Irish were upset with the company - the employees would "float" cels out the windows to the kids on the streets below.

I think I like the 3D better than the 2D version...the animation will be better.



No waaay dudes!

I have always been a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It looked alright, have you seen the test version for a 3D animation series (that never took off I think)? However... something does not look right, can't put my finger on it, do they look too skinny?

Looking forward to it nevertheless.

~Don't Give Up!~

Wow, this takes me back. My friend and I were avid Turtle fans. (He had, like, ALL the action figures!) Not much of the Turtles' "true" origins were known here in Germany by the time they hit it big with the animated show and the first movie. We got the mellowed, commercial version and didn't know they came from a gritty series of independent comic books. Hero Turtles, not Ninja Turtles, so to speak. I remember liking the first movie a lot, though, because it had a darker setting compared to the sometimes rather silly animated series - and I've always had a very soft spot for Jim Henson's puppet work as you may know.
Like the trailer, too. You can tell it's CG but it's got some flavour and texture thanks to the graphic elements borrowed from the comic books, like them having glowing white eyes without pupils in the shadowy action scenes.