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Teachers at SCAD

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Teachers at SCAD

Hello folks!

I just made an account on the forums after reading through them for a couple of weeks. I'm a sophomore at East Tennessee State University, but i plan to transfer to an art school or technical school with an ACTUAL animation major and not just a "concentration" (and no light tables). From reading through the threads, you guys have turned me back on to the idea of SCAD. I had heard some bad things about SCAD before, about the school just caring about marketing itself, and the teachers not being qualified to teach. However, i've come to realize that this is probably not true. I just got back from visiting SCAD, and i gotta say that i really enjoyed the environment. It was really inspiring. I saw about the same program as RIT (my other choice in school), no extra bells or whistles except maybe that motion capture studio which was pretty funky (don't know when i'd ever use it, though). Anyway, i suppose my question would be about SCAD's faculty. I've heard only from these forums that they are really good, and that Larry L. used to work there. I know for a fact how good the faculty at RIT is, and that's basically become the bottom line for me. If there are any SCAD alumni or current students here that have a few good and/or bad words to say about the teachers at SCAD, please let me know. I would really appreciate it.

If this kind of information has already been posted, would someone mind pointing me to it? Thanks!


There's a sticky called "Art and Animation Schools". You can find the info you need in there.

Good luck

Can't comment


That's right I don't teach at SCAD and beyond that I can't comment.