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Brand new showreel! Get it while it's hot!!

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Brand new showreel! Get it while it's hot!!

Hello everyone! I've finally finished my new showreel!! Please do check it out, Nani makes a guest appearance...:D

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"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

It saddens me that no one bothered to post, I was really looking forward to your opinions.

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I liked what I saw, but I don't think I saw enough range of character animation. I would like to see a heavy character move; all your's were quite light and bouncy. I would like to see some four legged animation. You could combine the heavy and four legged I suppose. I would like to see a bit of facial animation - have a character go from one emotional state to another perhaps. Oh yeah, the hair should move on the red hair dude and the slit skirt girl. Their hair is too long to just follow the head.


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I just got a chance to see your reel and I liked it. But you really need some of the pros to give their input, all that lead with your best and focus on one thing kind of post they write.

Oh I just found this web site
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thank you, that wasn't so hard, was it? :D

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I'll be back...!

Well, well...a Portuguese last...
I checked your showreel for siggraph and...well...I’ll be back to check what you've came up with after summer vacations. I wish you had more animation stuff in your blog, because I would like to know a little bit about your work.
I really enjoyed your friend's work. By the way, what’s his name? Is he an animator too?
I’m in the business too...
I've just finished a tv series. If you'd like to take a peek..

This project it’s wrapped up...

This one I've just submitted it and it's still waiting a "go"...

Best of luck...
I'll be visiting your blog...

I can't find the link to the reel, otherwise I'd take a look at the animation.