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Underground Hip Hop Video, modest pay but paid...

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Underground Hip Hop Video, modest pay but paid...
check out the song "the way they do my life"

My group is called "Slept On Fam"
we are looking for an animated video for this song..we are completely independent and on a very tight budget..something i know you guys are all too used to hearing. But i will say we do not expect such intensive work to be done for free.

we will say in addition we have worked very hard to efficiently promote and build a strong fanbase over the past year or so. And the video will definitely get some views and exposure. Our group has over 70,000 myspace fans combined and have yet to release our first album. No label or investors, or publicists, just hard work.

We have a taker already at a pretty modest amount of $500 dollars..however we just want to weigh our options to make sure that we are not overlooking any great artists who can bring this song to life.

Anyway. If the is any interest let me know..any sample links would be appreciated as well.

my email is

thanks to those who have shown interest!

we have decided that the initial offerer adequately suits our needs and our budget..

the those who have emailed me, i have responded and provided a link to a video from the artist we selected