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Public Domain Music & Sound FX

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Public Domain Music & Sound FX

If there's anything I love, in terms of getting into a project, it's the right music. Usually, I go in for "cheesy" 50s/60s sci-fi and horror music. Tracks from Not of This Earth by Ronald Stein and Man In Space With Sound by Art Mineo have been recent discs I've used. The problem is, you kind of get attatched to a certain piece of music, but then you know you can't afford to get the rights. Of course, I have a theremin and can get some weird Forbidden Planet-style sounds. But I'd like some fuller orchestrations.

What I really want to find is old library music. Either PD or dirt cheap stuff that nobody believes I still actually want to use. There's nothing funnier than stuff they used to write to create anxiety. I'm seeing all these sites with PD music for free, but it all seems to be pretty lo-fi mp3 stuff. Does anyone know of any sites or CD collections with PD stuff?

I just answered my own question-- sort of. Like many things on the internet, there was a phrase I was looking for. I eventually Google searched "production music library" and got some results. The good news is, most discs were under $400. The bad news is, they're mostly modern.

Old music

Have you tried there is a huge library of PD music there.

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