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advice on British universities

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advice on British universities

Hello, everyone :)

I hope you are all fine.

I would like to read some informed opinions about the good and the bad things of studying Animation (as an international student) at Edinburgh College of Art -ECA- or at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

According to the information they have sent me, both have more or less the same tuition costs and their full-time studies take about the same time (18 months).

I will appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot in advance :)

Animation study in UK

Hey there,

my advice would be to contact graduates from any of the colleges or universities that you're thinking of applying to. I'm about to return to study myself, 23 years after I originally graduated from a UK Art School - and the MA I've chosen was selected because of the good reputation that the University in question has - but also because of the follow-on in career terms of the people I know of who have graduated from it.

I've also taught on various degree-level animation courses too - in the UK and elsewhere in Europe (since 1987 I've worked in the commercial animation industry on both sides of the Atlantic, in features, TV, commercials and software) - so I have fairly specific opinions about the content and the quality of the teaching that's on offer. If you're coming in from overseas your tution fees will be high, so - make sure that you're getting what you're paying for in terms of instruction. And look also at the continental European courses.

The bottom line - in my opinion - is this: ask the people who have been through the course, not the people who are running or advertising it. You'll get two very different kinds of information and advice from the two different groups of people - and you need to compare them very carefully. Be sure that what's actually in the tin is the same as what's pictured on the label (if that makes sense...),

Hope that helps,

all the very best,

Fraser MacLean