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were to learn about animation at 14

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were to learn about animation at 14

I have already posted this somewere else but i thought it would be better to post this here. i was wandering if any one could help me find a classes or courses that i could take. I cant go to any colleges because I am only 14. I have been studying animation on my own and have read many books on all kinds of animation.Is there any software you could reconmend for a beginer.I was thinking about buying Hash Incs.ANIMATION MASTER or buying Digicel there any books you could reconmend.I tryed enrolling at but they said that i was too young.I really just need some kind of course or somting i could take online,but anything would help.

Hello Hermit,

It's tempting to take a shortcut and jump into learning 3D software.

If I were you and serious about becoming a character animator, I'd take lots of drawing classes and get comfortable with drawing form-based human figures, i.e. like in the book "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" by Stan Lee and John Buscema. This will be a strong foundation upon which to build an animation career. Even if you are doing only 3D character animation, having mad drawing skillz will help you to visualize your animation in the thumbnail, storyboarding, and animatic phases before jumping into the software.

When you turn 18, then focus on animation principles through a school program. Learning character animation is a lifelong process, so starting with life drawing (gestures, etc.) will put you ahead of the game later on.

- Tom ;)

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It is hard to get started with any 3D program, but it is worth finding an intro course to get a head start . . . There are courses out there . . . keep looking . . .

I use to teach Maya at a middle school . . . so I know younger students can handle it . . .

You could check out they have a Maya Fundamentals DVD package that is relatively cheap and will give you good head start . . .

Good luck . .