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Any animation courses u can take at 14

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Any animation courses u can take at 14

hi im this is my first time posting.But i was wandering if any one could help me find a classes or courses that i could take. I cant go to any colleges because I am only 14. I have been studying animation on my own and have read many books on all kinds of animation.Is there any software you could reconmend for a beginer.I was thinking about buying Hash Incs.ANIMATION MASTER or buying Digicel there any books you could reconmend.I tryed enrolling at but they said that i was too young.I really just need some kind of course or somting i could take online,but anything would help.

Take a look in your local schools and community colleges or film schools--they might have weekly evening classes and such that allow minors to attend. Some might even offer animation camps on the weekends to have to doing stuff for a couple of days.

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i go to a pirvate school that dosent have any classes like that


I sent you a private email.

BlueHickey has a website, that has some tutorials on animating with Flash. Good lessons, solid teacher.

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If you can't find a class, I suggest hiring a tutor. You can post an ad, and choose who you want to teach you.
Good luck!

can you reconmend any tutors

thanks for all the help.:)

try It is awesome if you take advantage of what's there!
You can also try summer camps. You will most like;y have to stay at a different college or university in a different state for a few weeks, but I bet you'd learn a lot. Last I knew University of the Arts in PA had one and so did DigiPen in WA. Do a search on the schools and you should be able to find the info on their sites.