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Animators (3D):: Faraway studios :: Until Im gone project

Faraway Studios team is presently looking for computer animation makers for its game project “Until I´m Gone“ for cooperation on one of these two stadiums of the game’s progress:

The first stadium is making various (not difficult) animations for characters and animals according to the tasks materials which you'll get from us(you can work in any programme you want, on condition of creating error free import and export to *.x file).

The second is cooperation in making “simplified“ rendered videos (tasks from storyboard, textual description and other materials)You can use any arbitrary programme.

If you are interested in cooperation or more information please contact us on

“Until I´m Gone“ is a project, which is going to be freely available after it has been finished, so nobody gets any money from it, at least not now (presently the game is in an advanced stage of progress). However, we can offer you participation in an ambitious (and already , we hope, relatively well known overall) adventure project, which can help you get into the “limelight”, get more experience, personal progression, and the chance of working with a keen and growing team.

If you are interested, please contact us on

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