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i have about 20, 2 minute .swfs

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i have about 20, 2 minute .swfs

i have about 20, 2 minute .swfs,,,, i have tried burning them all to DVD with minor success, i managed to burn them using geovid, but the frame rate was honestly about 4 fps. so i am wondering, is there anyone out there who i can send my .swf files to and they will burn them for me, if you have paypal, i could transfer money to u for doing so, thanks, PM me about amounts

Look at Divx, it came with my DVD burner. I do not know if it will work, but from what I have read, Divx is the best thing out here.

I just had another thought, how about putting your swf into your video editor and the saving them out in another format. I have not worked with swf so I do not know if this will work.

Export them as avi's then try burning them to DVD. Swf's are dependent on how fast your computer is. So if you have a slow computer, the swf will run slow. Since you are trying to burn them to DVD, your computer is doing so much it might be slowing down the playback durring transfer. I'm not a pro at these sort of things, but I do know swf's suck.

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