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Looking to get foot into the industry

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Looking to get foot into the industry

Hey everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this thread, so forgive me if it's in the wrong section.

Here's the deal, as I have said in a previous post, I have a BFA in graphic design, but am looking to try to get into animation. I ultimaltey would love to be working in Maya and other such programs as I enjoy the art of computer animation (I am sure that is a very broad statement). What I am looking for is how I should go about getting a start in the field. What would I need to know/show to get an entry level position? What would my portfolio need to consist of? Is it absolutley necessary to have a degree in animation to get a job in animation or would individual classes from a university suffice? Would my degree in graphic design be of any help in getting a job as I have been formally trained in composition, color, and layout? Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated as I am just beginning to learn about what the necessary steps are.



30 views and not one response, am i in the wrong section?

There's probably about a dozen threads (or more) in this forum that cover these questions. Browse through the Animation Cafe, Educators forums and one or two others.......all this has been answered here.

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browse or do a search at:

The last club is great for polishing your animation skills and seeing where you stand. I know its used for recruitment as well.

If you don't find what you're looking for, write me.
All the best!

thanks guys.

dobermunk, I PM'd you.

Hi Joe,
I thought I'd reply here as it may interest others as well. How to get going:

Do a search for "animation mentor" - both at cg-char and at other sites, also blogs. This is a virtual animation school taught by pros from Pixar, Disney etc. There are videos being put up by students and you can see what sort of excercizes they do. Only animators with decent work get into the school, and yes - they do bouncing balls. THen bouncoing balls with tails. Its all about the principals.

Get two books:
This is the bible for students and pros. It just gets you back to the principles.
This is a great overview of the Disney style and philosophy. The school now championed by Pixar. Even if you want other styles, this book is an inspirational gold mine.

animate. There are free rigs to download (also of the sphere with tail). So grab 'em and get going. When you feel up to it, participate in a 10secondclub competition. When you make a reel, be brutal and only put your best stuff in.

Good luck!

thanks soo much dobermunk.

that's the plan. i heard about AM a few months ago. my plan is to start getting familiar with maya and basic animations. i already have the survival guide, and have been drawing along with it for the past few months. i have a drawing skills already (luckily i was born with them) but they definatley need to be refined. i am also thinking of taking a figure drawing class again, only this time taking it really seriously. before it was a prerequiste of college. any other classes you think are beneficial?

thanks again