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Miracle World Premeire Saturday (July 15)

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Miracle World Premeire Saturday (July 15)

www, now has their main article showing the first published/posted page to be seen of their layout "workbook" for their proposed Miracle Mouse feature film.

8 days until the World Premeire of the first minute/fifteen seconds of their Mracle Mouse feature and simultaneous illustrated book release.

Best of fortunes!

Keep pluggin away, Tom. Looking forward to seeing it!

Dear AWN Forum,


Just a reminder that this Friday night at 12 midnight, you can watch the World Premeire of the first moments of our proposed Miracle Mouse 2D feature. As we continue to "plug away" in the world of hand drawn 2D, we are most interested in your opinions after you view the clip. You can see it THIS WEEKEND on


(Still some tweaking to be done but nonetheless...) You can see his first release of the 2D clip NOW at We hope you enjoy it!


This is a classic in poor quality. There can only be one excuse, poor direction. You should stick to building houses and let the professionals make the movies.

It takes a special kind of genius to watch a movie clip that starts out explaining the professional background of some people associated with this project and then criticize not just the project, but specifically the people, for not being...professionals?

Just a heads up: after the "what a wonderland is on display!" line at the end of the clip, the part where you pop into the frame is dead silent even at highest volume.

The URL I followed (I don't know if there are separate copies at each site) was:

Owning a camera does not make you a film maker. My comment has nothing to do with the professional backgrounds of the staff but the lack of insight that leads them to animate so many characters moving and dancing at the same time that there is no focus to the scenes. The color is dreary and mostly bland and lastly I do not find it entertaining or very interesting. This is just my opinion, take it or leave it as you wish.

My comment has nothing to do with the professional backgrounds of the staff

You don't think "You should stick to building houses and let the professionals make the movies." has any implications about that? Is it a stretch?

My problem (and it is just mine) isn't you having an opinion, the problem is you just came out and blasted and didn't substantiate anything until just now. When criticism isn't constructive it makes you look ignorant and without tact. Someone's busting their arse to make headway into very difficult creative territory and then instead of saying "It's not working for me, because of this, or maybe consider that or how about this other thing" or something you just blast 'em from left field. Artists are supposed to support each other.

Personally I could do without repeating the same dialogue exchange and there not being any real "breather" moments in the dialogue, but I think you just sort of say that, not judge it. Even then I might try to have some perspective. Miracle's only ever been done on commercials before so I have to accept that anything he does right of the the gate might be more frenetic than we're used to, before he's broken in to the new format.

Keep in mind that that this, obviously, is forming an opinion based of 2 minutes of film. Things could change if we saw the entire thing

The animation is fine but as I was watching the word that came to mind was "cheesy". The problem lies almost completely in the script. The characters don't actually do anything, rather they walk around like well animated robots telling us they did something. Don't tell us, show us. Animation and film is a visual medium, use that.

What "miracle" are the characters talking about in the opening scene? why was it so special? What did it mean to the characters they helped? We'll never know because it's only told to us in lame exposition dialog, thus the audience never becomes attached to the idea of the film.


I don't know, maybe it's just me but it just doesn't seem like that powerful of a hook, especially if you are trying to keep the attention of children.

Yah, if this is the actual first two minutes, it could probably use something like an intro scene, something to show who the characters are and establish what is normalcy for them. There's hints of that in them coming out of the homes, but for everyone else who hasn't seen your previous work, why are they there? Do they do construction? How are things normally for them?