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animation schools in london

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animation schools in london


hi everyone
iam an animator from israel, in my start of the carrer.
i was wondering if you have good advices for what to put in the protfolio when sending them to company's.
also, i was checking for good animation schools in london, whice one is the best?
the last thing, do you have tips to give on getting into this industry?
if u have any idea on all of those i would love to hear.
thanks a lot!

Hi tp3, welcome to London

After a Graphic Design/Illustration degree I did the six month post-grad course at St Martins:

My degree was really artistic and creative but the LAS course taught me the things I needed to know to get work. What they'll probably be impressed by most in your portfolio is good life drawing. Being able to draw will get you a long way in Animation.

The Animation world in London is kind of small and a little difficult to break into. Honestly the best way to get work is to make and cultivate contacts.

Good Luck