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Maya - 3 Month Animation COurse 2007

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Maya - 3 Month Animation COurse 2007

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Three Month Maya Animation Course

Aims of the Maya Three Month Bristol Animation Course

• to enhance the professional potential of practicing animators and graduates through an intensive training program in CGI animation
• to promote cultural exchange through the delivery of a program designed to acquaint students from around the world with the UK animation industry ;
• to provide master classes and professional experience in the animation industry ;


By the end of the program students will have

• improved their knowledge and understanding of the craft skills associated with CGI animation ;
• to have improved their skills in performance, character design and character animation ;
• to have gained an understanding of hybrid animation techniques involving CGI animation ;
• to have improved their drawing, design and kinetic skills and understanding ;
• to have gained professional knowledge and understanding of the UK animation industry ;
• to have developed a showreel for presentation to potential employees.

Course Modules

Life drawing and movement – students consolidate their knowledge and understanding of movement through drawing. This module is delivered as a series of practical workshops which are then applied to the modeling, design and movement of CGI animated characters.

Performance – students study performance as a way of understanding the kinetic subtleties of character development for animation. Integrated throughout the teaching, the understanding of performance is considered central to the development of successful character animation.

Animation – students develop their CGI techniques to develop a series of studies and experiments, which aim to improve their kinetic skills and understanding of character animation. The experience of life drawing and performance is assimilated into the CGI Animation module. At the end of the module students produce a short showreel of their work.

Professional practice – all students make a series of visits to Bristol-based animation studios, including Aardman Animations Ltd. Representatives from the studios visit the school, speak with students and present their work. At the end of the course, all students present their work according to the professional protocols learnt during the course.


The main aim of the module is to prepare the trainees for the professional expectations of both a studio and freelance environment and to make trainees aware of the level of craft demanded for professional practice. Animation professionals from the supporting studios, televisions companies and freelance sector contribute regular seminars and master classes throughout the course.


As the course is based on the craft skills of animation, and involves recording work on computer, the continuous assessment will not involve written work.

The work in progress will be discussed with the students throughout the week by the tutor with the previous weeks work assessed before moving on to the next exercise. The assessment will involve the tutor viewing your work and making notes of any action to be carried out in order to correct mistakes. It would be sensible for the trainee to take notes of any comments made at these assessments.

Methods of delivery

Initial tutor led delivery of instructional training in Maya basics, followed by exercises set by the course tutor at the beginning of subsequent weeks, this is supplemented with general tuition during the week. The course also includes video study, life drawing, studio visits and discussions with visiting professionals.

Dates: 25th June – 7th September 2007 Deadline 6th April 2007
1st October – 14th December 2007 Deadline 6th July 2007

Fees: £1500 (subject to MEDIA support, confirmed December 2006)