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CG/FX animator website

Hiya: May as well make my first post here in this forum :)

Yet another CG/FX freelancer with a website:
One demo reel, one short, and a bio:
enjoy and gimme a shout.


looking for a cg/fx specialist

hello there, my name is robert from Severna Park & I'm putting together a group of talented people to produce anime. I was wondering if you might be interested. you can get more details from my website Please let me know if you're interested, or if you know anyone else that might be.


Hi there:
Looks like an ambitious project. I'm not sure if you were only asking me, or casting your line publicly. You might want to post this as it's own topic to get proper exposure. Also consider posting at CGsociety's forums. many traditional artists, designers, animators, etc dwell there :)

I could possibly contribute from the realm of 3D CGI, but not in the traditional processes. Send an email indicating your budget and timeline.

Also, the site doesn't indicate where you are in development. You might post a page or two of your script and give potential artists some idea of what you are looking for.