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Everyone's Invuted To My Show, Friday, July 7th!!!

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Everyone's Invuted To My Show, Friday, July 7th!!!


Everyone who can make it is invited to an art exhibit of work by Sally Boswick (a wonderful painter). Her works depict the old Tybee Island culture of yesteryear (and she would know it). The woman has been there collected many a T-shirt. She is a magnificent painter (oils) and Low Country icon. She has many clients around the world who collect her works.

Also, yours truly will be exhibiting my drawings and watercolors - original and prints. My topics are the Savannah region and Europe (mostly the Provence region of France and Sorrento Italy) son's fiancee', Michelle Armstrong, up and rising singer-songwriter will be there to perform.

It's all happening at the GALLERY BY THE SEA, JULY 7TH 6-9 PM. The gallery is on the right at the first stoplight on Tybee Island, GA. (state road 8 east).

It will be quite the evening....


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"It will be quite the evening."

Sounds like. Have a great time. Wish I could be there. I am sure there will be a good time had by all.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Thanks for the "invute" Larry... Unfortunately, Georgia is a tad more than a hop, skip, and a jump from us here in Montreal, so I will not be there. I thought you were in Europe?!

Have a good one, and good luck with the show.


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Means a lot coming from you all- you've both been around here for a while.

This is the first show where my work is a major focus and that is a huge step. I will be thinking of you...


Happy first show, then. :D

That's awesome Larry! I hope the show does really well.

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I'll gladly visit an exhibition by you as soon as either my travels take me to America (which would be a first) or you exhibit somewhere in Europe. Last year Andreas Deja had an art exhibition in his honour in his hometown of Dinslaken - which I also didn't have time to got to.